Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering) is a four year programme (full time) affiliated to Dr. APJ Technical University, Lucknow approved by AICTE. 

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering has been formed with the establishment of IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida (UPTU Code 216) in 2005. The department provides an outstanding research environment complemented by excellence in teaching. The primary focus of the department is to impart the practical foundations of Computer Science & Engineering and its implementation for the benefits of society & country.

The department has tie up with various IT Companies through which students get trained on developing technologies in the form of live projects. For achieving above specified objectives, department has a team of well domain specific and experienced faculty members.

Vision of the department:

"To produce globally competent Computer Science engineers empowered with research, innovations and high ethical values to cater to the challenging computing needs of the society."

Mission of the department:

To prepare graduates with-

To offer state of the art undergraduate program to attend the innovative lifelong learning skills.

Sound knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering to solve real world problems as a leader with growing demands of industry.

Adequate skills and behavior to solve complex problems and to exhibit code of conduct in their professional practice.

To produce globally competent Computer Science Engineering education of excellence empowered with research, innovation and high ethical values, catering to the needs of industry and society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs): 

PEO 1: To have excellent scientific and engineering breadth as to comprehend, analyze, design and solve real life problems using state-of-the-art technologies.

PEO 2: To lead a successful career in industries, pursue higher studies or entrepreneurial endeavors so that engineering graduates can face global challenge. 

PEO 3: To effectively bridge the gap between industry and academia for effective communication skill, professional attitude, ethical values and a desire to learn. 

PEO 4: To provide highly competitive environment, solidarity for successful professional career as engineer, scientist, entrepreneur, bureaucrats etc to the students for the betterment of society.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s) 

PS01: Foundation of mathematical concepts: To use mathematical methodologies to crack problem using suitable mathematical analysis, data structure and suitable algorithm. 

PSO2: Foundation of Computer System: the ability to interpret the fundamental concepts and methodology of computer systems. Students can understand the functionality of hardware and software aspects of computer systems. 

PSO3: Foundations of Software development: the ability to grasp the software development lifecycle and methodologies of software systems. Possess competent skills and knowledge of software design process. Familiarity and practical proficiency with industry oriented programming concepts to develop innovations towards research