Unmanned aerial vehicle technology is advancing rapidly, and drones are getting smaller by the day. Small drones are considered better because they are more agile, are harder to detect, and are easier for pilots to control.

Prof. S.K. Mahajan, Mr. Mayank Raj along with students Steven David and Tushar Gaurav of IIMT took around six months to build “Action against Ragging and taking Judicious decision by using Unmanned Navigational Aircraft system” (ARJUNA) that will help monitoring and security of schools, colleges and universities, where during any act of violence authorities are totally dependent upon the footages of the CCTV cameras.

Here, a micro controller is used to control the flight of the drone and a camera connected to the chipset is responsible for processing the computer vision algorithm. The whole Unmanned Aircraft System (ARJUNA) is wirelessly connected to the ground station where it can provide the live feed and if it detects any sort of violence it will alarm the security forces and will begin to record at that moment. ARJUNA is equipped with the infrared and the thermal camera and it can even perform well in dim-light as well as in foggy conditions. When the battery of the ARJUNA will get low, it will automatically go back to the charging station and will be docked automatically to charging point.

In this regard, Prof. Mahajan and his team have already filed a patent for their innovation, Patent number- 202011011163.

Key Elements of Innovation:

i. ARJUNA comes under the Nano category, therefore it will not be visible so easily and will not distract the students while studying.

ii. Coasting of the technology is low and the project is easily affordable by the institutions.

iii. The area of surveillance with the help of ARJUNA is more than the area covered by CCTV.

iv. The costing of this project over surveillance cameras is less

v. ARJUNA is very agile and fast hence it can reach on the spot in very less time.

Key Elements of Innovation:

i. The chief aim of ARJUNA is to make the colleges, schools and universities a safe place to study and to maintain the environment of educational hubs more convivial for the students and teachers.

ii. ARJUNA require a pilot, an engineer and a service technician for its smooth operation and hence create opportunities for employment.