Robotic technology plays vital role in this moving world. In this robotic world, it is necessary to make trolley such as “Human following trolley” which interacts and co-exists with them. To perform this task accurately, trolley needs to avoid obstacles and also it must be intelligent enough to follow a person in a crowded area, rich environment and indoor and outdoor places.

To achieve this target two of our B.Tech students Dimple Kothari and Arpan Jain have conducted the research and developed a “Human following trolley” named as “SHADOW”.

SHADOW consists of a robotic vehicle having two wheels and one freewheel mounted along with different sensors and modules, i.e. ultrasonic sensor and camera. The camera is vertically adjusted and is mounted at the height of 4ft from the ground to enhance the visual capability and effectiveness. The user controls the trolley as it follows a particular person by a unique identification tag.

The Pi camera captures the image continuously and compares it with the original. If it is matched, then it follows that person. Also, it checks for the obstacles and avoids them by using an ultrasonic sensor. They have used computer vision camera for recognising the tag at the back of the person and an Open CV python platform to develop this algorithm.

Key Elements of Innovation:

i. Self-following Robot

ii. Light Weight

iii. Low Cost

Social Relevance:

i. Shopping Freak

ii. Helpful to Divyang