Almost every country in world is in race of developing driverless cars. Driverless cars are the door to the future. Many companies are in the race for developing driverless cars. Only some companies are able to taste success. IIMT innovation cell is one of the few research organisation who got success in developing a driverless car.

A blend of youth and experienced team of Prof. S.K. Mahajan (Advisor) and Mr. Mayank Raj has successfully developed and tested driverless car at IIMT Group of colleges, Greater Noida. Team has developed a system which can be easily installed in any existing car to convert it in to driverless car.

Our developed Algorithm detects all classes of vehicles, pedestrian, lanes, Indian traffic signs, pot holes and road edges with the help of cameras. This system has ability to provide vehicle collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, Indian traffic sign detections and potholes warnings.

The processor along with algorithm warnings calculates the speed and the degree of steering and helps the car to self operates and controls accelerations and braking. This system can accelerate up to 30 km/hr. Research is ongoing for increasing accuracy and speed of the system.

Key Elements of Innovation:

i. Use Deep Learning Algorithm for calculations

ii. Combination of 12 cameras for proper accuracy

Social Relevance:

i. Reduce accidents