Mechanical Engineering

Towards the beginning of 3rd year, the student starts thinking about his/her career prospects after graduation in Mechanical Engineering. He/ She contemplates what should he/she do – go for higher studies or take up job. Now, the decision depends upon his/her interest and aptitude and also a few other considerations:

Public Sector Undertaking or Engineering Services:
Public Sector Companies are viable options from the career point of view. They are government undertakings and provide stability and decent monetary compensation. Promotion opportunity is on time-scale basis in the beginning and later, at the senior level, on performance. The job content is also in-line with your studies in college.

The disadvantage is that monotony sets in and the variety in the job is not available. Moreover, the current situation and slowdown in the industry is also affecting PSUs and the result is that the opportunities here are reducing. The answer is to keep building your skills, so that you can easily make a change to the private sector as and when required.

M.Tech – Aptitude for further studies :
In case, you have the aptitude and inclination towards further studies, the other option is M.Tech in your field of interest from one of the top engineering institutes. Your M.Tech would also help you in applying to one of the PSUs in your area of interest. Some PSUs also give weightage to your added seniority with a higher pay scale. While doing M.Tech you have the opportunity to be innovative and carry out research. The added advantage is getting a sufficient stipend to meet your basic needs. It will also open avenues for a Ph.D and other research opportunities. Therefore, you can further increase your career prospects by pursuing further studies in your area of interest.

Decision Making:
While evaluating both the options, you must set your priorities. In case, your priority is financial and there is a need to earn money, the option is finding a job. However, if the financial part is not an issue, one can opt for further studies. However, the decision should also take into account your internal and external interests and the availability of either a good company or admission to a good institute.

Finally, you must decide keeping in mind your abilities and the options available.