It’s all happening at a time when the world doesn’t know what exactly is going on. While Donald Trump, the president of the USA has kept India in his good book, he has also assured the US citizens to get back the jobs that have been outsourced to India. At such a stage, one thing is sure that the recruitment procedure for foreign students in the USA would definitely take a hit. And so would be the foreign students’ entry in American universities. Then which country should international students opt other than the USA. Well, the answer is probably India.

Nowadays foreigners also have heard the Indian growth story and are fascinated by the culture. The main cause is that we are offering superior British quality education in India. They engage themselves in the effervescent Indian culture and the fact that English is a broadly used in communication, allows them to mix up with the student community easily. Many of them want to settle in India which is a very fascinating indication for the future. They also perceive that when they go back looking for jobs they would stand out with their quirky experiences in India.

One of the crucial reason for coming to India is the cost of living, which is 30% compared to Europe and this makes it extremely tempting destination. So what about the foreign candidates after completion of course? Most of the students receive Indian internships and get an impression of working for Indian companies and then go back to their home country for job. The most astonishing fact is they are the first to get jobs when they head back home as they have a distinctive perspective which makes them stand out. You can easily find a lot of foreign admissions when you take a look at the Top Best B.Tech College in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

However, this interesting story isn’t without challenges. “The existing challenge is the registration process which is a bit complicated once they arrive in India. Also, the work visa process is hard to navigate. I believe that companies should be allowed to evaluate competitive wage levels which are mutually agreeable between the employee and the organization.

The existing bills that restrict foreign student entry into India need to be modified. Thus we can divert thousands of International students who usually go to China for education purpose.