Attendance Rule

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  1. Attendance Registers: Registers with completed attendance should be regularly checked by HOD.
  2. Students' Attendance/Absence: As students' attendance in all classes in various departments is many times quite poor during semester. To tackle this situation, it is made mandatory for all HODS’s to ensure that respective parents of all the absent students are telecalled by respective Advisors after every 3rd day on a regular basis by mentors, informing about the absence of their respective wards. The Telecalling and its response report" is to be submitted by all Advisors to the: Director, through their respective HODs, on the same day on regular basis. Classes’ notes of missing lectures must be provided to the absentee students.
  3. Progress Report to parents: The "Progress Report" showing attendance Sessional marks after every Sessional examination, in the approved Format as signed by advisor, HOD and Director, should be sent to parents within the conduction of the Sessional exam, through emails/sms and registered postal letters, with a clear intent that parents are kept in loop for pressurizing their wards to maintain at least 75% attendance and also improving their academic performance. 
  4. Mentors/Advisors: For ensuring better understanding of  personal/professional problems of students,  mentors along with advisors will be assigned respective duties, as delineated below:
  • All advisors  will compile the following:
  1. attendance on regular/monthly basis   &
  2. Results of sessionals-1, sessional-2, sessional-3… BOARD exams.
  • All mentors : As a mentor all advisors will also be responsible for more intimate interaction/relationship with students & their parents/guardians  with specific responsibilities as :
 1. Counseling of the students for all problems including related to academic
     performance,    Sessional/    board    examination results, fee, fines, hostel and menu issues etc
 2. Telecalling of parents/students on every Tuesday & Friday/ every 3rd absents.
 3. Dispatch of Progress Report to parents on each Sessional examination.
 4. Rectify the changed/altered/fake mobile nos. of students' parents and submit such updated list,
     with   email ids & postal address to HOD with a copy to Registrar and Director.