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Teacher Education Programme of the college has been designed with a view to develop the following values among the students of the teacher education.
  •  Interest and positive attitude towards teaching profession.
  •  Such Gandhian values as non-violence, truthfulness, self-confidence ,self-dignity and dignity for manual work.
  •  Social sensitivity
  •  Such ethical behaviours as honesty, integrity, perseverance and sympathy and sensitivity.
  •  Aesthetic value on appreciating the beauty of nature, arts and music.
  •  Scientific temperament
  •  Warm and positive feelings towards learners.
  •  Cooperation and healthy competition for developing desirable social and moral characteristics.


    •  To build among student teachers, a solid foundation in terms of knowledge, skills and positive attitude towards teaching profession.
    •  To help/enable the student teachers to apply psychological principles and teaching learning laws during teaching.
    •  To equip the prospective teachers with necessary pedagogic skills.
    •  To develop awareness about the role of education in building a democratic, secular and socialistic society.