Many disabled or handicapped people and elderly people who are not able to move well usually depend on others in their daily life especially in moving from one place to another. They continuously need someone to help them in getting the wheelchair moving. Freedom of mobility is a dream for them.

With the aid of technological evolution, in order to increase the quality of life for these people and facilitate their integration into the working world, young scientists of IIMT Innovation Cell designed and developed a microcontroller based voice controlled electric wheelchair with a voice recognition module to drive the wheelchair using voice commands. The wheelchair control system which employs a voice recognition system for triggering and controlling all its movements. The user can easily learn and adapt the working of this wheelchair with minimum effort and time.

This wheelchair is operated using the voice commands through the given input. The microcontroller takes care about all the directions the user wants. The instruction for each and every direction is written in the form of program in the microcontroller itself. The voice commands to the wheelchair will be given by the unilateral mic placed as per the user comfort. The voice recognition will be done by HM2007 voice recognition module. The output from this module is then received by microcontroller. The already written programs in the microcontroller helps it to convert this voice commands into considerable output and the wheelchair will move accordingly.

By using the system, the users are able to operate the wheelchair by simply speaking to the wheelchair’s microphone. The basic movement functions includes forward and reverse direction, left and right turns and stop. The spoken words are linked to the voice recognition processor via a flexible microphone which can be bent as per the user's need.

The system can be controlled in two speed conditions, fast and slow. For fast condition the system will supply higher current to the motors. If the user does not want the wheelchair to move in high speed, the slow speed can be set by applying low current supply to the motors. The direction and speed of the wheelchair depends on the user. For the forward command the wheelchair moves in forward direction. For the reverse direction the opposite movement of wheel rotation will occur. The left command will make right wheel moves forward and left wheel moves backward. The right command makes left wheel moves forward and right wheel rotate backward. In this system, by assigning the word command stop the rotation of both motors will stop. The wheelchair system will go back to the stand by condition or end the whole system by turning off the power supply of the speech recognition board.

Key Elements of Innovation:

i. Easy to drive with negligible efforts

ii. Less Complexity and Hardware to mount

iii. Wireless control helps to monitor the wheelchair

iv. Reduces manpower and dependency on other human drive

Social Relevance:

ii. Provides easy movement for physically challenged people

iii. Low power consuming and easy to operate the wheelchair