BJMC College in Greater Noida
BJMC College in Greater Noida

After all, why a student wants to study journalism and mass communication as BJMC? In today’s time it is a very fast growing field. From employment to social identity, there are immense possibilities for everyone. IIMT College of Management prepares its students for this. It has its own computer lab with experienced instructors. web channel. Redo Studio. There are enough tools for web writing. From time to time, we interact with eminent people from different areas of the media so that the experience of the students can be expanded.

There are many colleges and universities for BJMC in Uttar Pradesh. But IIMT College of Management is different. He is also a teacher with years of experience in various fields of journalism and has also studied in reputed universities of the country. All the teachers are well known names of their respective fields.

The students studying here have obtained a government university degree and in three years IIMT prepares its students on theoretical and practical basis so well that placements are also highest. From here the students are prepared according to the experience of the past and the need of the future.

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Our curriculum focuses on skill development, industry relevance, and research to produce the next generation of media professionals. In a simulated setting, create newspapers, radio broadcasts, TV news bulletins, public relations campaigns, video films, blog posts, and operate on social media platforms.

Teaching: Learn from professors that have years of experience in the business and are backed by some of the industry’s greatest brains.

Studio Facilities: Spend as needed of your time in state-of-the-art TV and radio studios developed in collaboration with IIMT News and Radio IIMT.

Media Software: : Learn to use Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Audition, Illustrator, Celt and After Effects. Gain from web training that uses the same IIMT News & Radio IIMT.

Media Trends: Participate in discussions on latest developments in media with faculty members and top editors, directors, and managers of Media industries.

Field Trips: Join field trips every semester to gather information and convert the data into news reports and bulletins.

Internship Opportunity & Placement Prospects: Take advantage of IIMT college of Management’s career services to explore employment opportunities.

At the end of the program, you will be ready to work in newspapers, television, radio, digital content management, social media, advertising, public relations, event management, communication, film studies, and digital photography.

The Times School of Media brings together the best practices in curriculum, pedagogy, and research. Join the program and learn to question more as responsible media professionals.