Which Has More Scope BBA or Bcom
Which Course has more scope BBA or B.Com

Is your mind facing a dilemma of BBA vs B.Com?

To make a smart decision you must understand one thing that your undergraduate degree is the basis of your further studies as well as career. BBA and B.Com both No doubt Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) has become more popular than the traditional Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) these days, know that both have overlapping areas in their syllabi and curricula. However, the approach of BBA vs B.com courses differs in more than on ways as BBA is more focused on practical exposure and BCom is more focused on theoretical understanding of subjects.

BBA is the most common undergraduate program being chosen by students with a commerce background. It is a 3- year undergraduate program which provides effective training in management education, communication skills and entrepreneurship.

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During the 6 semesters, the student will learn the concepts of sales, human resources, marketing, finance, business laws, marketing, finance, business management, etc. The program has compulsory industrial visits, internships, expert’s sessions that keep them updated with the current dynamic business world. Here at IIMT college of management in Greater Noida we offer this degree being affiliated to CCSU. IIMT also offer regular PDP classes and also offer value addition courses. Separate classes are arranged for placement assistance.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.com) is also one of the common choice for students with commerce background. It’s a 3- year undergraduate program focusing on commerce and Finance. The B.com syllabus consists of papers such as Business Accounting, Business economics, company law, auditing, corporate tax, business management, etc. At IIMT We provide a 3 years’ regular degree affiliated to CCSU. IIMT offers them value addition courses like Tally, Digital Marketing and many others for the regular grooming of the students.

Both BBA and B.Com open similar career prospects but for higher education B.Com degree holders are free to enter management fields as well as extreme legal domains, while the future prospects for BBA students are limited and mainly restricted to MBA.