BCA Course
BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA, also known as Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate degree awarded in computer science and its applications. The BCA course lasts for three years, divided into six semesters. There are a variety of technologies offered by top BCA colleges in Noida such as internet technology, photography, computer graphics, accounting software, data management, programming languages and more.

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Admission to BCA course after high schools in Noida is based on academic schools and entrance examinations conducted at the state, national or university level. The BCA offers many career options for those who wish to find great packages. After pursuing the BCA, candidates can be selected as project manager, data analyst, data manager, low-level program, software developer, software engineer, and many others. Aspirants can pursue higher education, namely, MCA, MBA, and other career opportunities.

BCA students learn about the analysis, design and implementation of both software. BCA graduates are also involved in many computer fields, such as software development, information, mobile applications, web sites, etc. Upon graduation, students will gain an understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures, Programming Languages, Database Management Systems Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Software Testing, Data Communication and Computer Networks, etc.

During the course of the study, students will also acquire Strong Analysis and Problem Solving Skills; Strict Planning Skills, Computer Sound Information and IT, Ability to develop applications as per requirements, etc.

BCA graduates can find employment in a private sector as well as government sector. BCA graduates often go for government jobs because of the job security and other benefits it has to offer, but private sector jobs also have advantages in terms of the higher salary packages and tremendous career growth opportunities.

Depending upon whether you want to look for jobs in government sector or private sector it depends upon you.