Polytechnic Diploma Engineering
Polytechnic Diploma Engineering

Polytechnic/Diploma in Engineering  is a professional course which provides practical knowledge in the field of technology.  Many students go for Polytechnic after completing 10th or 12th

Polytechnic course  provides only basic and practical  knowledge  to the students in the engineering field and it is the best choice to go for a professional after completing Polytechnic diploma .  

Those who finished diploma courses can go ahead engineering courses and study with less spending.  

Benefits of diploma course as a minimum eligibility  

It is very common at this present scenario for the 10th or 12th class graduates to take diploma courses in polytechnics. Diploma is a short term course which is practical training based. Students  can opt for polytechnic after Class 10th or 12th  which adds to their professional qualification.  

Several advantages after Diploma in Electrical Engineering Field. 

  • Engineering Diploma is a good  after 10th or 12th 
  • Candidate has an Engineering Diploma certificate. 
  • Candidate has a chance to get admission in B.Tech. in Second year direct. 
  • Various job offers after Diploma in Engineering. 
  • Candidate will be offered as Junior Engineer and can apply many Government and Private sector jobs. 
  • Various offers in INDIA and Abroad after DIPLOMA in Electrical Engineering. 

Diploma course is more practical rather than theory and it helps students to become a junior engineer.  It is quite suitable for students to prove their competency and skills for industrial jobs. Diploma is very useful for every. This course I Cost and time saving are the advantages extended in these cases. 

  • Diploma make you job ready
  • Diploma students are more likely to be hired 
  • Diploma can be completed in significantly less time 
  • Diploma come at a fraction of the cost 

Best Polytechnic Courses after 10th 

Students get real time problem in the field of Civil Engineering and  projects , which are the boom in the field of education now-a-days and it is our strength which makes differences among the educational institutions.    

Civil engineering is the  need of the society and the world like: 

  • Engineering Drawing 
  • Construction Engineering
  • Building Materials  
  • Survey  
  • Modern Software tools  
  • Project in House/Building construction  
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering 
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Material Engineering 

Diploma Diploma in Electrical & Electronics  Engineering 
Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering focuses on concepts of electrical engineering, electronic devices and relevant software. Electrical & Electronics involved in the design, maintenance of the equipment. 

Major area of Electrical Engineering discipline includes: 

  • Power 
  • Gadgets 
  • Control Frameworks
  • Signal Processing 
  • Broadcast communications. 

Electrical engineering has a wide range of benefits and applications in the day-to-day life. Today the market is beaming with various opportunities for an electrical engineer and  as electricity has become an indispensable part of human lives.  

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is the backbone the industry, Production and Maintenance. Without Mechanical engineering industry cannot be started, established and maintained. Mechanical Engineering brings new innovation in the world. It brings new product, design and also re-innovate the things which are the need in the daily life. We train, guide and educate our students in the field of Mechanical Engineering like Drawing: 

  • Engineering Drawing 
  • Modern Software tools  
  • Project in the field of Production and  Maintenance    
  • Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics. 
  • Manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Design. 
  • Project in various tools 
  • Internships