A d & o, which is also known as a Cavalier of Computer Applications, bachelor’s degree in computer science and its applications. The BCA is a course of a period of three years divided into six semesters. The best BCA college in Noida offering a variety of majors, such as information technology, animation, computer graphics, database management, programming language, application, administration, and more.

Admission to the best BCA colleges in Noida that is based on academic scores in the entrance tests are carried out at the national or at the university level, such as the FRIENDSHIP it’s TRUE. BCA offers a lot of options for the candidates and to work with an impressive package. After the passage of the BCA, the candidates will be appointed a project manager, data analyst, database administrator, junior software engineer, systems engineering, is a software developer, and many others. Candidates will be able to make use of it in higher education, i.e., MCA, MBA, for the further development of your career.

Best BCA College in Greater Noida

IIMT College of Management is one of the prime institution for BCA course. Faculties, Placement, and other facilities is very good.

The course will provide a relevant degree in computer-based applications. With the rapid development of the IT industry, across the globe, and the question of a computer that is professional is growing every single day. The growth in the IT industry, offers a lot of opportunities for the computer graduates.

The delivery of 12) or equivalent in English and Mathematics, or computer science exam in Computer Science/Computer Applications/Media-and-Web-technology / Data management applications/Web applications, with a minimum of 45%.

The program provides a strong academic foundation for the development of an advanced career in computer application, students have a bright future in the IT industry, as they can also have jobs as programmers, network managers, SEO Specialists, database administrators, programmers, web designers, and development of project managers.