When We Talk About Best Placement College in North India .The IIMT Group of Colleges, a Greater Noida-based private college affiliated with AKTU, is dedicated to advancing technical and professional education. The college offers high-quality education in Engineering, Commerce, Science, Education, Computer Applications, Pharmacy, and Management, as well as a variety of diploma programmes. It is a prominent institution of higher learning that produces exceptional career advancement and professional recognition for its pupils. Here in This article check out Best Placement College in North India. It prepares its students for remarkable progress and growth in his/her profession.

IIMT College has a track record of distinction in research, placement, innovation, and exposure to industry. It has a vibrant learning environment, with a strong academic and research component. Both complement one other, and students at all levels, guided by faculty members, keep this unique combination going and help the Institute achieve new heights of knowledge and invention. The courses are NIRF-ranked, NBA-accredited, and NAAC-accredited, all of which are hallmarks of high-quality education.

Those aspirants who look for best choices among AKTU affiliated private college, Greater Noida or NCR, IIMT group of institution is one stop solution covering all the aspects of education, innovation, research, development, career and placements.

As a student progresses toward higher education, they must make important decisions about their future career and professional life. This is the time when every student desires to break free from their roots and embark on a solid route which takes them to development and success. The employment market is challenging, and students must be coached in all areas in order to compete in the real corporate world and gain a foothold there. This is where campus placements are most important.

Best Placement College in North India

The educational institution’s primary function in placements is to adequately prepare and lead students through the placement process by providing them with the necessary training for employment in high-end organizations. The students are provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential employers by inviting them to placement drives. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, reputable institutions/ Colleges/ Universities usually set up a specialized training and placement cell that supports and counsels placement-related activities for the benefit of both students and firms.

Why is Placement and Placement Cell important?

While there are numerous work prospects across the country, ranging from large corporations and multinational corporations to industrial institutions and core manufacturing firms, the job-search process is complex. In fact, however, there is fierce rivalry in the job market to match talent availability to job profiles. This is where the placement cell comes in, bridging the gap and making the recruitment process easier for firms while also benefiting students. Students learn how to present their knowledge and abilities in the best possible light with the right training leading to bright placements. However, in order to stay in the job market and progress, you must have the right set of qualifications and the necessary effort : both are required before and after the start towards shaping and making a good career. That’s Why IIMT Know As Best Placement College in North India .

The college placement cell’s principal goal is to place all eligible students in reputable companies right on campus. Placement cells aid in the identification of students’ knowledge, skills, and attitude matrices, as well as the creation of job profiles for each of them in order to place them in relevant positions with decent firms. These placement cells identify the areas of training and methodologies in relation to industry requirements, and then create a training sequence to match the requirements for campus placement. Few of the functions of the Training and Placement Cell are as under:

a. Improved Skills and Knowledge: College placement provides an excellent platform for students to develop specialized skills linked to their choice of subject or domain in order to stay ahead of the competition by giving live projects, internships, and corporate exposure. Furthermore, gaining a better understanding of the industry allows them to improve their employability skills in all aspects of the industry and make educated judgments about their future career options, in other words, to become job-ready.

b. Gain Knowledge and Experience: College placements are a fantastic way for students to learn about the industry and how to work in a real-world setting. They learn how to prepare and present CVs, attend interviews, participate in group discussions, and so on. This type of experience will undoubtedly help them develop their personality and will come in handy when they are faced with competency-based job applications or interviews in the future.

c. Possibilities for a Better Job: Campus placements provide students with a foot in the door opportunity, allowing them to begin their career immediately after completing their academic curriculum. Furthermore, during the placement drives, they get the opportunity to meet and engage with industry professionals, which helps to establish a basis for their future career as they become acquainted with potential contacts in their chosen field.

Apart from the foregoing, the main reason why college placements are becoming a major criterion for students when selecting an educational institution is that they lower barriers to employment for graduates while also providing significant personal and professional development opportunities for students. Furthermore, via intense training and workshops, college placements not only serve to improve the employability skills, but also to improves  academic performance and practical knowledge.

As the competition in campus postings is limited compared to the rest of the globe, the chance of getting hired is higher. All of these factors work together to provide a variety of benefits and favorable outcomes for aspirants.

Remember that the first job is quite important, and it should be a wise move toward establishing a career. In comparison to the difficult and stressful job-seeking procedure in the open job market situation, which is primarily handled by inviting random walk-ins, college placements are a less time-consuming approach to establishing a career. As a result, college placements frequently provide students with a significant head start in their professional pursuits.

d. Young entrepreneurs are bred in the Innovation and Incubation cell: Professionals are expected to look for possibilities that will lead to a career, but a rare mind with the ability to harness entrepreneurial skills often finds a safe shelter because of a well-functioning Incubation cell. Because business concepts frequently perish unnecessarily due to a lack of investors, the initial seed capital backing from their own institution provides a great deal of confidence and self-belief to take the risk. Best Placement College in North India .Once anyone overcomes the initial hurdle of sustainability, he/ she is more likely to succeed in laying a solid foundation for the firm to grow and develop into a well-rounded entity.

e. Support by the private sector Institutions have a distinct advantage: When students choose the proper educational institution, they can begin their careers directly on college, which can be a difficult route if you choose the wrong institute for this critical stage of studies. Private colleges and universities have invested a significant amount of money in developing an effective placement and training unit. Those that are backed by a corporation can take advantage of their current brand recognition in the industry to attract a higher-quality pool of recruiters to campus. IIMT group of Colleges, is one such reputable institution which offers top management and engineering courses in all major subjects.

IIMT offers a holistic learning experience through a variety of expert lectures, industrial visits, workshops, and internship programmes, as well as industry-oriented sector-specific courses developed in collaboration with national and international organisations of excellence to assist students in achieving their career goals. The placement and training cell is dedicated to transforming students into industry-ready professionals by providing them with the necessary perspective and opportunity for a successful career.

The IIMT group has a strong relationship with the industry. As a result, the business network and linkage helps to attract new talent to the industry, which benefits both students and companies. The innovation cell has already nurtured many start-ups, demonstrating that the college is focused on not only generating job seekers but also employment makers.

Key skills Required to Crack Campus Placement Interviews


Talents aren’t just restricted to the technical skills one picks up while taking different college courses. Regardless of the nature of the profession, various non-technical and soft skills are essential in the workplace. In reality, firms trying to hire fresh graduates for various professional roles are in high demand for these skills.

One should develop the following top talents to improve chances of being hired during the campus placement interviews:


Communication Skills

If you want to work for one of the big corporations these days, you need to have good communication skills. Being good at verbal and written communication, as well as delivering a message clearly and easily understood by others, are just a few examples of communication skills. It also covers topics like choosing the correct words, understanding when to halt, paying attention to one’s tone, paying attention to others, and expressing positive body language. Best Placement College in North India ,When working on group projects and assignments, one can nurture this quality while still in college by practising efficient communication with the friends and batch mates. Observe how professionals communicate with one another during college internships, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and try to implement what has been learned into own communication style. It will be quite beneficial to you, particularly during the group discussion rounds.



Problem-solving abilities are among the most in-demand abilities. Freshers who are problem solvers are preferred by employers than those who wait for others to come up with answers to work-related problems. This particular soft ability can provide you with a competitive advantage. For it implies that you are competent of identifying and characterising a problem, developing different solutions, evaluating and selecting the best option, and effectively implementing the chosen option.

You can improve problem-solving abilities while still in college. All what is needed is an open mind, an inquisitive mind, and the capacity to break down a subject into components rather than looking at it as a whole. You can also take online aptitude tests that are designed to assess a test taker’s problem-solving abilities.


Team Player

Let’s use a collegiate scenario as an example. Most engineering institutions assign students to group projects, and successful completion of these projects necessitates strong teamwork and unity among team members. Its absence will prevent the team from successfully completing the project and achieving the intended results. A similar situation can be seen in an organisational context, where personnel working in a specific department or on a project must work together to achieve a common goal.

Companies don’t want to hire people who will have trouble working in groups later on. While still in college, one should develop teamwork skills and can become a great team player.


Leadership Skills

Companies want to recruit leaders, thus leadership abilities are a prerequisite. Furthermore, effective leadership skills are a combination of a number of attributes, including planning and organising abilities, strategic thinking abilities, management abilities, entrepreneurial abilities, change management, and persuasion and persuading abilities.

Although it is commonly said that leaders are born, leadership qualities can be developed over time. One must enhance his/her communication skills, have a good attitude, have a clear vision, set specific goals, follow solid action plans, motivate people, have strong values and morals, and be passionate to become a successful leader.




Despite the fact that honesty is one of the qualities included under leadership skills, it is still necessary to discuss it separately. In the workplace, personal credibility and integrity are highly desired attributes. During campus placements, companies search for applicants that are honest and have strong convictions. Best Placement College in North India, They look for applicants they can entirely trust, knowing that they will never jeopardise the company’s standards.

Giving honest responses to interview questions posed during campus placements and providing accurate information while filling out job applications are the finest ways to demonstrate this quality.


Openness to Learning


During campus placements, the most essential variables used by firms to judge freshmen are knowledge and skills. Anybody’s education should not finish when he/ she graduates from college, nor should it be limited to what they have learned there. Workplaces have a competitive learning environment that requires you to stay up with evolving technologies and client expectations on a regular basis. Possessing an attitude that permits you to learn new skills on a regular basis can help you win half of the battle.

Extend gained knowledge outside the classroom and look for new things to learn about the field of interest or the job profile one wishes to pursue. Individual projects, online courses, internships, and other methods of gaining relevant job experience can all be used to broaden the horizons.

If the above-mentioned talents can be exhibited to organisations during the campus placements, chances of securing a fresher job will increase dramatically. Simply stating that one possesses these abilities will not be enough. The way one acts during campus placement interviews, his/her behavior, responses, and most crucially, the resume: all will indicate whether or not one has these employable qualities and should make sure that he/ she is ready to put the best foot forward.

IIMT Group of Colleges: Best Placement College in North India

When applying for admission to any college, an aspirant has a long list of goals in mind, and he aspires to attain them all. IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida, is an institute that pledges to assist its students achieve success and build a bright and rewarding future for themselves. IIMT takes pride in being one of the best placement colleges in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Training and Placement department is dedicated to providing students with job prospects and advising them on the numerous career alternatives available and which ones are the best to pursue.

Efforts are made on a consistent basis to guide, coach, and train students in order to bring them up to industry norms. The main objective at hand is to bring job seekers and companies together in order to find the greatest potential match. The department works tirelessly in the interests of students and employers, ensuring that their needs are met. IIMT is a best Placement College in Uttar Pradesh as well as in North India because of its impeccable placement record.

The Training and Placement section places a strong emphasis on practical experience. The training cell’s main purpose is to match students’ talents to industry requirements by delivering soft skills, aptitude, and technical training. The department continues to focus on improving students’ communication abilities, as this is a critical component of success in any field. A variety of communication-related tasks are designed to be completed in order to improve these abilities. Role-plays focusing on diverse industry circumstances such as client management, HR challenges, industrial relations, and so on are also performed to provide insights into real-world problems and potential solutions. This improves problem-solving abilities and increases mental clarity. One of the most important components of the training programme is resume and interview training.

The IIMT Placement Cell works on both on and off campus assignments. Cell is also in charge of organising mock interview sessions with the support of industry experts, in addition to placements. This aids in the bridge-building process between industry and academia. Industrial Visits, Live Projects, and Internships are all responsibilities that the Placement Cell must complete in order to offer students with real-world experience. Classes are also held to teach students about aptitude testing and reasoning, and the exams are administered on a regular basis. Aside from that, students are coached on their personal and professional development. They are informed about the available opportunities as well as the skill gap.

IIMT has consistently been ranked among India’s top B schools by various prestigious authorities, and is dedicated to providing the best knowledge to its students through  extensive training sessions, which include soft skills, technological, and corporate training, as well as promoting an innovative idea to increase professional growth. We are able to accomplish nearly 100% placements with the support of a dedicated Placement Cell.

IIMT is the first option of applicants due to its shining placement history. On a regular basis, top-tier companies with a high reputation visit the campus. They not only position  students, but they also provide guest lecturers and short-term projects that aid in providing real-world experience to job seekers.

The college has over 15000 alumni working in various Multi-National Corporations across the country in decent positions. The Placement Cell maintains a close relationship with this large pool of alumni, providing numerous possibilities for talks, internships, projects, and placements to today’s developing professionals and demonstrating their value to their alma mater.

It is a source of pride and pleasure for IIMT to constantly achieve important rankings, like being named Best Training and Placement Institute and being ranked among India’s top 50 colleges by respected competent bodies and organizations. IIMT is one of the most promising placement colleges in Uttar Pradesh, as evidenced by its placement track record.

IIMT is associated with over 600 firms for placements and has a stellar track record of over 8000 placements completed. Infosys, Berger Paints, Byju’s, Nagarro, Luminous, Toppr Technologies, HCL, Aditya Birla, Genpact, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Paytm, HDFC Bank, Ceasefire, EXL, Share Khan, Grapecity, Accenture, Mahindra, Pfizer, Just dial, Wipro, Hero, Tata and many others are among the recruiters, the institution works with.

The unmatched efforts of the T&P cell, together with the devotion and hard work of the students, generate synergy that is constantly propelling IIMT to new heights and establishing it as one of the best placement colleges in North India. IIMT is concerned with developing students to become well-rounded professionals and responsible citizens. It is a popular choice among students seeking all-round development and superior training in a variety of relevant subjects of study.

IIMT serves as a strong link between student goals and industry, and it maintains a positive relationship with recruiters from India and outside. Students from all over the country come to the business school for open placement drives, which is a source of pride and joy for the college. This distinguishes the group of colleges from other colleges/ educational institution in the region. This is it in Best Placement College in North India. For Admission Apply Now Here.