In India, the thrust on privatization in advanced education and college began in the mid-90s under the LPG (progression, privatization and globalization) strategy, and different methods were received by the states to pull their hands from field of advanced education.

The most recent twenty years has seen a dramatic development in Indian advanced education framework. The quantity of establishments have developed at an accumulated yearly development rate (CAGR) of 11% while understudy enrolment at a CAGR of 6%. The cooperation of private area is expanding step by step. Private establishments currently represent four-fifths of the enlistment in proficient advanced education also, 33% in by and large advanced education.

Best Private College in UP

IIMT Group of Colleges was establishes in the year 1994. Since its commencement, the gathering has developed jumps and limits and accomplished commendable acknowledgment from the Industry and Academia. IIMT offers benefit driven culture alongside establishing an expert climate. IIMT collectively, huge and expanded, confers information in the field of Engineering,Management,Education,Law and Pharmacy etc. and so on it has exceptionally qualified and experienced employees in their separate utilitarian regions. IIMT gloats of having in excess of 8,000 understudies in different courses in six schools.

It is the best private college of north India and among top 10 college in UP. The College has a rich heritage in the field of training and commendable acknowledgment in corporate, scholarly world, and public on the loose. Being in best private colleges in North India, IIMT GROUP OF COLLEGE offers variety pf programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the field of Engineering, Management, and Pharmacy. Also, the University instils a climate of Innovation and Research. At IIMT GROUP OF COLLEGES, students are provided with a platform to learn and experiment as well. Ordinary collaboration with scientists, instructors, and industry specialists gives the understudies an inventive edge which makes IIMT the best private college in UP.