“To Btech or BE ? That is the question—.”   It has a bone of contention in the engineering arena that which course is better, whether BE or  B Tech.  If AICTE chairperson believes that the BE is valued more than B Tech when applying abroad, then it creates a puzzlement  among the students and parents. However,  experts say that the curriculum remains almost similar for the two.

BTech or BE

The Bachelor’s in Engineering (BE) and Bachelor’s in Technology (BTech) are both graduate level engineering courses offered in Indian universities. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is the main mode of entrance. The courses are generally of four years. Both share some similarities also. But, even then the two are certainly different.

Talking to Indian Express, a reputed newspaper, M Jagdeesh, Dean, Academics from IIT-Madras commented which is very important to notice. “The difference between the two is minuscule.

It is not that one is theory oriented and other is practical, as is mostly perceived. Both BE and B Tech cater to theory as well as practical, however, B Tech deals more with fundamentals and advanced study in a particular area, while BE stops at fundamental education.

The difference is more in the way of delivering the subjects.” Further he added, “While in India, both B Tech and B Sc. are at par, what gives more weightage to one degree over another is where a student has studied the subjects from.

BTech or BE

If a student has pursued a degree from IIT, her degree is more valued than any other institute as our curriculum gets updated every year, sometimes with latest advancements, it gets updated every semester, which may not be the case in any other university.” His statement is the testimony in itself.

All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) chairperson Sri Anil Sahasrabudhe noted, “There is a mere artificial difference which came forth when IITs started giving B Tech degrees.

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It is thought that B Tech is a superior degree and BE is not up to that level. Both are treated equally in the country, unfortunately, when it comes to foreign countries, B Tech is treated as a vocational type of degree and rather inferior to BE.

BTech or BE

This is the opposite of the perception in India. However, if explained that a B Tech is obtained from a reputed institute then it is also treated at the same level.”

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