Diploma in Pharmacy
Diploma in Pharmacy

After Diploma in Pharmacy course so many opportunities were come apart from different private sector including Multi-National Companies (MNC), there are also many government companies offering jobs to Diploma holders in Pharma Sectors.

Career option in Diploma Pharmacy is MT (Medical Transcription), TC (Technical Supervisor, Chemist/Pharmacist, QA (Quality Analyst), MR (Medical Representative), PE (Production Executive), SO (Scientific Officers). These are the few sectors where Diploma Course holder students are good opportunities.

Medical Transcription is an important work after done diploma is useful and during this work diploma holder to learn a medical knowledge.

Pharmacist can also use their knowledge about medical things where jobs from home that do not require a degree course.

Technical supervisor is a leader who offer hands on leadership for the staff members. The technical supervisors oversee employee performance in some department of the organisation. They monitor installation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance work of technician.

A chemist is also a person who studies chemistry or who does work connected with chemical research and do work with idea in market and to improve yourself to grow in market field.

Quality analyst support planning, designing and executing a project where it involves simple to complex responsibilities. They work with team development in the organization and validate test cases, system requirement.

Also known as medical sales representatives or pharmaceutical sales representatives, medical representatives sell and promote companies’ medications, prescription drugs, and medical equipment. It will implement various strategies to increase awareness of a particular company their medical supplies.

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PE (Production executive) directs production operations for manufacturing organization. A scientific officer or natural science manager is an experienced scientific researcher when often in-charge of research and development within a field. They perform many administrative and managerial duties and often hold an advancement.