Child Education in New Era

The contemporary world has become a global village by getting connected digitally. There is immense flow of information and problem of accessibility to knowledge has been almost inverted pyramidically into the problem of plenty for Child Education in New Era. The information overload is snatching away the tendency and temperament of research and exploration. There is always a need of maturation period for a particular discipline, when a developing mind strives hard to earn some knowledge, his mind treasures the same for long, when an adolescent mind focuses for long on a particular scene full of beauty and aesthetics, the poetry flows. The internet has not just provided a moving library it has given readymade solution for every problem, this easy access has snatched away the urge and fight for achieving something. Sense of achievement, sense of earning and sense of gain resultant to a mental strife has suddenly disappeared.

The computer and television have taken out almost entire cheer and thrill of a social and cultural aspect from children’s lives. Everyone is busy scrolling channels and various sites. The students are no more preparing plays and theatres, footballs and javelin throws, kabaddis and night games. The thrill of meeting and interacting, playing and joking, participating and creating spontaneous games has suddenly disappeared. Almost every civilization is losing out its local flavor, we are facing a larger threat of cultural colonization. The children devoid of creativity and culture, emotions and sports, community feeling and cohesiveness are going to pose new kind of challenges before coming generations and establishments.

Now the teachers have to design a course through which students can develop rational thinking, power of discrimination and reasoning, understanding which can separate lot of chaff and husk from the seeds of real knowledge. The problem of plenty is different from the problem of poverty. More than sufficient available material is more dangerous in a different sense than the lack of required material. The children have to carefully choose what
to read and what not.

The parents have to carefully find and fix the time slots for the sports and team activities, creative and physical engagements, otherwise lot of faculties of evolving body and mind shall be lost. The system has to be careful
lest the boons of science should convert into the curses of technology. The trench between haves and haves not has become deeper and wider, the developed and technologically advanced west is posing a serious cultural threat to the developing and disadvantaged east. The customs and values, the culture and manners of west are being imitated and adopted, the uniformity and standardization is eating up the diverse cultural and civilizational variants. The knowledge and language that has been handed down from generations to generations, the grammar and manners which have been automatically adopted by staying and playing with the fellow community members are dying out in new generations.

The learning centers have to seriously devise new schemes and schedules to the children of new age, so that these can comprehensively develop their body and mind, cultivate in them the emotions and team spirit, can make them devote more time in sports and cultural activities, induce in them spirit of innovation and exploration, can attract them towards trekking long distances than watching tv shows. Let an adolescent mind search some new method of solving a mathematical problem than searching number of existing solutions in the net, let a child create a new rough painting of a rising sun than downloading hundreds of paintings of accomplished painters and thus killing his aesthetic hunger, let a group gathering devise a new game of I spy than playing a sophisticated video game. Let language strangers struggle and devise means to communicate through signs than to drown in one’s own mobile phone. The new challenges require new strategies to face them otherwise civilizations shall lose a lot in a very short period, the innovations and achievements of centuries, the virtues of heroes and skills of generations.

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