B. Tech in Electronics and communication Engineering, Computer science engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering are the top most branch of the engineering field.  Checkout CORE BRANCHES OF BTECH Here.

Engineering deals with Research, Designing, Developing and Testing of equipment used in various systems. Electronics and communication Engineering Branch focus on Telecommunication, Broadcasting, energy and electronic sector.


IIMT College of engineering greater Noida gives opportunity to educate the students in all core branches and specialization branches of b. tech also.  

The Scope of   B. Tech in public and Private sector makes this best for the current scenario. In the current Era Multitasking is required in the industry to get the promotions and great Packages.

Engineers can chose the carrier in both the field hardware means Electronics (Electronics industries), Communication Sector (Telecom industries), Electrical and software (IT industries).  

The knowledge of software and most importantly data analysis has high demand in MNCs. Here are some of the steps to know how to become a data scientist. It is anticipated by US Bureau of Labor Statistics that the jobs for engineers will grow by 7% from 2016 to 2026 if you choose ECE for your future.

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This is the reason to make the Electronics and communication branch always on top most Priority of students.


IIMT College of Engineering commits to provide an outstanding world class facilities and environment to the students with the latest technology and tools in the Engineering disciplines.

The Gamut of IIMT College of engineering Programs provide Research based quality education to the students and provides teaching with excellence practical knowledge.

To meet the Top Most Industry demands Conferences, Seminars, workshops, Industry visits, Tech fest, and projects Competition etc. are organize on regular basis.

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IIMT become the best place and attraction of the various techs corporate like TCS, IBM, INFOSYS, Deloitte, Microsoft etc. to recruit the students.

It’s a Dream choice of the student to go and take education from the best Engineering College with outstanding Placement and IIMT is the destination. This is it in CORE BRANCHES OF BTECH . check Other Posts for latest updates.