In the era of globalization, industrialization has undergone a paradigm shift in the way goods and products are produced due to large-scale deployment of technology in the process. With the digital revolution leaving its indelible footprint, it becomes quintessential for the learner to remain technologically advanced. Which is why, in the current times, having industrial experience of modern technologies is critical for a lucrative career of long-term growth and high salary package. Especially If you are a fresher, it is very tough to enter this elite club of high paying modern technology jobs.

The biggest challenge of India is unemployment that haunts the fresh graduates. Current skill infrastructure is addressing to add on knowledge only, where in the expectation from industry is experience and practical application of knowledge. As per the India Skills report 2015, only 37.22% of surveyed people were found employable – 34.26% among male and 37.88% among female.

In today’s era of knowledge-based economy, quality of workforce is more important than quantity. India is evolving as a knowledge- based economy, therefore quality skill development also augers well for entrepreneurship.

CSED: Industry inside Institute

DCS Pvt. Ltd. brought a unique concept of “Centre for Skill and Entrepreneurship Development (CSED)” to address the fast-changing Industry dynamics and to bridge the skill gap between Industry and Institute. This is an Experience center which acts as a functional industry for Manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Data Analytics, Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Technology providers in this mission are Dassault Systemes, PTC, Ansys and Mastercam.

This concept is a revolution by itself which establishes benefits for all, be it Students, Faculty, the University, and the Industry. CSED is not just a training center, it’s a facility to create industry ready engineers by experiencing them on industry size machineries, technologies and processes. The basic objective of skill development centers is to address the need of skilling the youths and unemployed. Wherein the major issue of unemployment is at the fresher level, where the students graduate out and are treated as liability rather than assets. The training approach is totally “Project based learning” and students are trained by experienced industry professionals. Students start working on the technologies and real-time projects right from 1st Semester and by the end of the 6th Semester, they gain an exposure equivalent to 2.5 to 3 years’ experience and will be preferred for hiring.

CSED: Panacea for Unemployment and Skill Gap

  • A strong industry-institute linkage program.
  • Industry relevant long and short-term curriculum that encourages experiential learning, problem solving, project-based learning, creativity and teamwork.
  • Provide clear direction for learning new job skills and a systematic and flexible method for students to acquire new skills and knowledge for better employability and entrepreneurship.
  • Program to build an ecosystem in entrepreneurship and skill education by sensitizing the academia. 
  • Support experiments to benefit academic and research community in improving the knowledge of latest technology.
  • Platform for Live interaction with the highly qualified Industrial experts working in different technologies domain which will give them the much-needed exposure to the real-life problems associated with the project work.
  • Provide platform for publications, patents, and industry sponsored projects.
  • CSED as a platform create opportunities to develop complex skills, such as higher-order thinking, problem solving, collaborating, and communicating.
  • Not only experts are available at Centre of excellence, but students also have access to Programmers, user experience designers, industrial designers, prototyping, mock-ups, simulations and other creative professionals. Through agility, the lean start-up method, and design thinking, CSED would help to build the foundation for training transformation.