Data Science is a blend of data science tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles that help to discover hidden patterns from a raw set of data. Data Science Courses are different from Statistics courses in many ways. Checkout Data Science Bachelor Degree in India Here.

Data Science Bachelor Degree in India

What is Data Science?

A Statistician usually will explain what is going on by processing the history of the data. But Data Scientist also uses various advanced machine learning algorithms to identify the occurrence of a particular event in the future. 

  • Predictive Causal Analytics- Through data science courses, you can make a model that can predict the possibilities of a particular event in the future. For example, data science models can perform predictive analytics on the payment history of the customer to predict if the future payments will be on time or not if you want to see the probability of customers making future credit payments on time.
  • Prescriptive Analytics- Data science courses enable users to make a model that has the intelligence of taking its own decisions and the ability to modify decisions with dynamic parameters.
  • Machine Learning for Making Predictions- Data science courses can make a model which is a fraud detection model that can be designed based on the historical records of fraudulent purchases in a major finance company.
  • Machine Learning for Pattern Discovery- Data science courses also enable models that can predict future events without any inputs of past trends and data, which is commonly known as pattern discovery. The most common algorithm used for pattern discovery is Clustering.

Why Data Science Courses is in Demand?

  • A 2018 report by LinkedIn reported a shortage of 1,50,000 people with data scientist skills in the USA. While in India, around 93,000 data scientist jobs were left vacant. This proves that there is a demand for data scientists worldwide, provided they have the right skills and knowledge of data science courses.
  • Indeed records a 29% increase in data scientist job postings every year, reporting data science courses as one of the highest demand skills.
  • The pay for data scientist job roles is very high. In India, a data scientist earns higher than a software engineer. Those with the right skillset can earn INR 19 lakhs per annum.
  • Data scientists come from varied backgrounds, some come from natural backgrounds of computer science, Engineering, mathematics, or statistics, and some also come from management and finance backgrounds.
  • Those belonging to Management and Finance backgrounds find difficulty in terms of competition, but a report by IBM records the highest demand of data scientists (59%) in Finance and Insurance, thus with the right skillset, even finance and management students can find decent jobs after pursuing data science courses.

Pros of Becoming a Data Scientist

The major pros of becoming a data scientist are its excellent job prospects, number one career in demand, the versatility of work it has to offer and the challenges it holds.

  • Excellent job prospects: According to LinkedIn, Data scientist is one of the most promising job prospects, with an average salary of $130,000 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 16% job growth rate for data scientists; that’s nearly three times the growth rate of the overall job market. 
  • Versatility: Data scientists can work in different sectors, such as healthcare, baking, e-commerce, marketing, and consulting. In addition, data scientists can work in government, academics, private, and NGOs.
  • Challenging work: Data science combines mathematics, statistics, computer programming, and strategy, hence, a career in data science is beneficial for those who like solving puzzles and other brain-teasers.

Cons of Becoming a Data Scientist

Data science is one of the most promising careers, yet there are some challenges to being a data scientist. Issues of privacy, diversification, rapid changes and a general approach are prevalent.

  • Privacy Issues: Online privacy is one of the most challenging issues when it comes to being a data scientist. The ethical issues of gathering and use of these data are prevalent and unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.
  • Rapidly Evolving Career: A data scientist has to stay up-to-date with advances and best practices in data science to remain relevant and in-demand. This holds true for all professions, but especially in fields like data science, where changes can be rapid and dynamic.
  • Male-Dominated Profession: With a 7:3 male to female ratio, data science concludes to be a male-dominated profession. Many data science companies are already looking to diversify, by recruiting more women and people of different cultural backgrounds. 
  • Generalist Approach: There is no industry-standard definition of work and tasks of a data scientist. A data scientist has to be an expert in machine learning, engineering, statistics, and analytics..

Degrees in Data Science Courses

One can obtain a degree in data science courses, specializing in BSc in Data Science, BCA Data Science, Bachelor of Data Science, or a masters degree in data science, specializing in MSc in Data Science, MBA in Data Science and Analytics, MTech Data Science, MCA Data Science. 

Apart from a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can also pursue a diploma or a PG diploma in data science.

Diploma in Data Science Courses

Diploma in Data Science Courses, available in PG Diploma levels, is the most popular data science courses available, which is aimed at teaching the basics of data science courses at a short duration of 6-12 months and prepares the students for finding jobs right after class 10th or 12th without having to waste time in full-time data science courses.

Undergraduate Data Science Courses

  • UG Data Science Courses are full-time degree programs for 3 to 4 Years. These are available in the domain of engineering and sciences and are offered along with other specialization subjects such as machine learning, and Artificial intelligence.
  • Bsc Data Science and BCA Data Science are the two most popular UG data science courses in India.
  • The average course fee for UG data science courses ranges between 6-10 lakhs.
  • Admission to BTech programs is done strictly through the entrance exam. Some of the top BTech entrance exams are JEE Main, BITSAT, COMEDK, VITEEE, SRMJEE, and UPSEE.
  • Admission to the BCA data science courses is through the merit of the class 12th marks.

Eligibility to sit for the entrance exams includes completion of class 12th with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks. Some premier colleges like IITs ask for 60% marks.

Postgraduate Data Science Courses

PG data science courses are full-time programs for 2 Years. These courses focus on data science specializations and can be pursued after a bachelor’s degree in data science. Data Science Bachelor Degree in India.

  • The popular PG data science courses in India are MSc/MTech/MCA Data Science.
  • MBA in Data Science and Analytics is one of the programs offered at the postgraduate level in the domain of data science by only two colleges in India- SCIT Pune, and KJ Somaiya, Mumbai.
  • Admission to PG Data Science Courses is done based on the Entrance Test along with Personal Interviews.
  • Candidates should have completed their bachelor’s degree in data science or relevant field with aggregate marks of 50% to be eligible for admission.
  • Few colleges provide admission based on merit also.
  • GATE is a popular entrance exam for MTech admissions in India.

Highest paying jobs after BTech CSE

Data Science Certifications

Data Science Courses Certification is a short-term course that helps in either enhancing the required skills for Data Science or understanding the basics of Data Science courses.

  • Data Science Courses Certification is available both online as well as offline. Most online courses are self-paced and hence are pursued by many students to learn the basics of Data Science.
  • Data Science Courses Certification is available at top websites like Coursera, Udemy, UpGrad at a very nominal fee of 10,000 – 50,000 while some websites also offer Online Data Science Courses Free of cost.
  • There are no eligibility criteria and even no age limit to pursue these Data Science Courses, you can directly apply to the website and pay the course fee to start with the data science courses certification.

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