Computers have completely revolutionized the modern industry. We can see computers everywhere in the production and sales department of every small and big industry. Sometimes it will be as a small calculator, where in some cases it will be a fully automated robot. As the industry has become influential, it has also created many jobs. Many students opt to opt for it as their career path after completing 10+2. But all the candidates are confused as to which course to select as many options are available. Some go for computer engineering, while others choose graduates in computer science and some candidates choose BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application). So what is basic difference between BCA and B Sc (cs). Despite things being the same in all these courses, there is a lot of variation between them. Before choosing the course by random selection you should be well aware to distinguish between all these courses and understand which one you like best. This is important because the difference lies in course structure, admission process and career opportunities.

What is BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)? BCA is a 3 year undergraduate course. for example  we can chose the name suggests, the main focus in BCA is nothing but the application of computer science. Understanding of hardware functioning and technical side is not very important. Multimedia technologies, web-development and mobile app development are part of the curriculum. You will also know the basics of computer programming.

What is B Sc Computer Science? Unlike BCA, this course is more concept-oriented. It will teach you the basic concepts of computer science and give you a strong academic basis in computer science. It does not emphasize the techniques currently used that can quickly become outdated. A strong understanding of the basic concepts will help you learn new things easily where a BCA graduate can struggle. A good understanding of mathematics is essential at the intermediate level. The subjects studied include programming concepts, disk operations and control structures.

Best BCA and B SC (CS) college in Greater Noida

B Sc Computer Science Vs BCA: Difference B Sc (CS) is more concept-oriented while BCA is application-oriented. However BCA and B Sc (CS) both is useful for students. The BCA course will teach you about current techniques and applications, giving you a basic idea of the programming languages currently used. But the BCA course will not give you a deep ideological understanding. B Sc computer science is more concept-oriented. the course will not give much importance to current technologies and applications. Candidates studying arts, commerce or science can join BCA as it is application-oriented. But intermediate certificate with mathematics is mandatory for studying B Sc computer science.