Pharmacy tips

Objectively speaking, B.Pharm i.e. Bachelor’s of Pharmacy is a bachelor course which can be pursued after completing schooling up to twelfth standard. However, you can pursue B.Pharm after any other graduate degree. BDS is also a bachelor’s degree course which stands for Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Therefore B.Pharm can be done after completion of BDS. BDS entails the study of surgery and medications regarding dental problems. However Pharmacy is an entirely new principle which ventures into the intricacies of medicine and drugs and the science behind them.

Both BDS and Pharmacy are two different aspects of medical field and are very promising.

In terms of duration of the course, BDS is a five year program where four years are for theory and one year practice while B.Pharm is a four years course wherein you get industrial and hospital training. BDS allows you to practice as a dentist and B.Pharm will let you practice as a pharmacist or drug expert. Each of these roles requires a different perspective and skills.

The courses in IIMT College of Pharmacy are approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). This field has a large number of job opportunities in various sectors of healthcare and research. You can always go for higher studies or research. You also get to play various roles depending on your interests such as Medical Representative, Industry jobs, Drug Analyst, QA, QC etc. If you wish to create a career in these fields, you should go for pharmacy.

After having these two degrees, i.e. BDS and Pharmacy, you will be eligible to open your own clinic as well as pharmacy. Which means you can both prescribe and dispense drugs and medications by your own after obtaining respective licenses from state council. A pharmacist has to register themselves at the State Pharmacy Council and then they obtain a practicing license which is valid for 5 years. After 5 years, you have to renew it.

In conclusion, Pharmacy can be done after BDS if you wish to and if a BDS professional does pharmacy, it will enhance their scope perspectives and provide them with a greater diversity of career options.