Cloud Computing

There are a number of institutes offering engineering courses but it’s been noted that there is an imbalance in the availability of technical education and employment for engineering pass out students. The engineering institutions in some areas are less as compared to metropolitan cities.

Whereas other states are also increasing the count of engineering institutes but the quality of students is also a main concern for all these colleges.

There also comes again a very important matter for consideration, JOB. If there are enough colleges then, will every engineering pass out will get a desired job? If not, then what is the solution or what is the need for so many private colleges?

With the increase in industrialization, there is demand for more engineers but only the creamy layer. The quality, skills & adaptation of these engineers is considered for better employment opportunities. The technical skills, communication skills, team work capability is most demanded skills for a fresher.

Fresher pass out Engineers from various colleges, sometimes lacks the good communicating skills. Most colleges organize training programs time to time to update the knowledge of their students, Even ensures a good infrastructure, quality faculty. All the essentialities are provided to students along with high teaching standards, basically in Private engineering colleges of Delhi NCR. The quality and quantity, both should go side by side. A proper infrastructure & a full-fledged campus is the requirement for Delhi NCR engineering colleges.

Not every private institute delivers all services as promised. Whereas, the Engineering institutes of IIMT Group of Colleges is a symbol for quality technical education facilities, eradicating the question on quality of creamy engineers.