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One of the biggest challenges in the career of a law applicant is to decide the right career path along with the course as which is the best law course, should I go for Five year integrated course or Three-Years LLB after graduation, which is the better one amongst the two, etc. are some of the most frequently asked questions in the field of law education.

3-year LLB is a graduate programme. Student can pursue 3-year LLB course only after they have successfully completed their Graduation. The duration of the course is 3 years. The objective of the course is to focus on various aspects of law education and prepare the learners to practice law or work as legal advisers in the corporate sectors. Students learn Indian Penal Code (IPC), Code of Criminal Procedure (Crpc) and more subjects etc within months of joining the course, whereas five-year students usually study in their third or 5th year of law school.

5-year LLB is an integrated programme. This course includes a graduate programme such as BA, BBA, B.Com etc. along with the core subjects mentioned in LLB degree. The duration of the course is 5 years. The only difference is that this programme also focuses on basic graduation level subjects apart from core law education. By pursuing this 5 years integrated course scholars get early access to the courtroom practice in college. It also includes Moot Courts, research
submissions, and Mock Trial courts in their curriculum.

The career path in law will depends on the aspirant priorities. If the aspirant wants to make career in law with excellence then 5 year law is best for them. The Integrated 5 years course saves one year of education as compared to Three-Years LLB programmes but also offer the same educational merit to the applicants. However, if one wants to obtain exposure in the different field of education then the aspirant should opt three graduation course with the divergent field of education such as BA, BBA, B.Sc., B.Com, etc., then the aspirant has to apply or take admission in 3years LLB Programme.