Bachelor of Pharmacy

Indian Pharma industry is called “Pharmacy of the world” for well deserved reason as 20% of worlds generic medicines, more than 60% of worlds vaccines are produced in India, and well qualified Bachelor of Pharmacy degree holders.

Today when most sectors are sowing negative growth, pharma sector is expected to grow by seven to eight percent. At this rate our pharma industry can achieve a turnover   of U.S. Dollar 90 billion by year 2030 from U.S. Dollar 38 billion in 2019. If we achieve a robust growth of elven to twelve percent we can reach a turnover of U.S. Dollar 120 billion by 2030.  This means more than 3-fold growth in next 10 years.

The contribution of Indian Pharma industry is 1.5 % to the GDP and now government also realizes its importance and due consideration is being given to the Pharma industry, hence new opportunities and more jobs.

The first Parma company “Bengal Chemicals” was established in 1892 at Calcutta. Today there are more than 3000 pharma companies and 10500 units.

 Apart from core pharma jobs like production, R&D, QA, QC sales & Marketing etc. There are many new non- conventional jobs such as Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Medical writing etc. 

Top Pharmacy College in Greater Noida

Keeping the above facts in mind we can easily understand that if the industry is growing at this rapid pace and new non-conventional sector opening for hiring of Pharmacy Graduatesthere will be a huge growth of manpower requirement also.

The crucks of the story- A bright future waits for aspiring Pharmacists as this the golden era for Indian pharma Industry.