Compared to different government polytechnic colleges in NCR, This IIMT COLLEGE OF POLYTECHNIC is affiliated to the Board of Technical Education and recognized by Uttar Pradesh This polytechnic offers diploma courses/programme in electrical engineering. , mechanical engineering. And civil engineering.

Polytechnic / Diploma College / institute is one of the oldest technical colleges the region. Institutes / colleges are running 3 years of four Diploma courses namely Diploma in Electrical Engg., Mechanical Engg., Civil Engg. ME(P)  with different  intake capacity in each discipline / cadre.

This institute is known as topmost institute in Technical Education region because this is the only private Polytechnic / Diploma institute in whole of Uttar Pradesh in which the three year Diploma course with TOYOTA Lab is running.

Polytechnic Admission 2022

Admission in the 1st year (regular entry) and 2nd year (lateral entry) to the Polytechnic / Diploma courses are totally based on student ability


Polytechnic/diploma education

IIMT College of Polytechnic offers Diploma Engineering in the fields of :-

  1. Mechanical engineering(P)
  2. Mechanical engineering(M)
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
Government Polytechnic Colleges in NCR

Polytechnic/diploma engineering is the most common undergraduate program/ course offered by the institute/college. It is a 2 to 3 -year program with six semesters

  • The Polytechnic/diploma first year (semester 1 and 2) of the curriculum has common courses from various departments.
  • From the second year (semesters 3 to 6) the students take courses offered by their respective departments (like EE, CE, ME).
  • At the end/last of the 5th semester, all students undertake industrial training as part of the regular curriculum.
  • In the last year/ (5th & 6th sem) of their studies, most of the students are offered jobs in industries  & placed and other organizations/ through the Training and Placement section of the college/ institute. Some students opt out of this facility in favor of higher studies or by applying to recruiting organizations directly. That’s it in government polytechnic colleges in NCR Check Other Updates Too.

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