IIMT Group of Colleges established in the year 1994.

Since its inception, the group has grown leaps & bounds and achieved exemplary recognition from the Industry & Academia. At IIMT, we are committed to provide a value driven culture along with creating a professional environment. IIMT as a group, large and diversified, imparts knowledge in the field of Engineering, Management, Education, Law, Pharmacy, etc.

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How to Join NSS in College

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was launched on September 24, 1969, by Dr. V.K. R.V. Rao, who was the Educational Minister at the time. It is an addition to activities in India’s higher education system with the goal of allowing students to develop their personalities while studying by providing community service. The NSS in college scheme is protected by the Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Students enrolled in the NSS must serve for two years in addition to their education. Students must do 120 hours of community service each year and attend at least one unique camp session as part of the program. The NSS’s major purpose is to educate people via community service. The two main activities of the scheme are special camping programmes and regular activities.

Anyone who is enrolled as a regular student in any undergraduate study at the +2 stage at universities recognized by the UGC / State Government is eligible to apply. Any person who is socially motivated and willing to devote his or her time to social service can join in the NSS open unit at the university level.

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When he or she will be able to enroll: He/she is entitled to engage in NSS as a volunteer as soon as he/she receives admission in university or college. Enrolment usually takes place between June and July of each academic year.

Whom to contact: Inquire with an assistant professor or teacher in charge of NSS activities at the institution where you are enrolled. The NSS programming officer is the in-charge of the NSS. If you don’t receive the information, you can contact the institution’s Principal/Registrar. For information on the University’s NSS open unit, contact the NSS Program Coordinator.

Duration: Students chosen as NSS volunteers must commit to working in the scheme for a minimum of two years and performing community service for at least 120 hours each year, as well as participating in special 10-day camping programs.

Fee: Enrolment in the NSS is free, and students will get a certificate after successful completion of the programme.

The NSS unit is allotted to institutions based on the number of students. In most cases, the NSS unit has roughly 100 students. The Programme Officer is the person in charge of the NSS in college, and he or she is responsible for the NSS unit’s organisation and programme implementation.