Best Private Engineering College in UP

Many of you will be now going to write entrance exams with an aspiration to join great engineering college in India. As we all know that IITs and NITs are best institutes to take engineering degree in India. But only a few standard students (or highly trained students) are able to crack IIT-JEE and AIEEE. But there are many other intelligent students who fail to register their names in IIT & NIT and so move to other notable colleges in India.

The factors which should be considered while selecting Top B Tech Colleges in UP are the following:

Placements play an important role in picking a good engineering college. Explore for the companies that usually visit the college campuses and inquire about the placement percentage of the college. It is always sensible to inquire through alternative sources like previous students or existing seniors. A personal visit from the parents can be
helpful in picking a good engineering college.

Extra-curricular activities:
This is also one of the factors that should be taken into consideration because “all work and no play make jack a dull boy” indeed. This stands accurate because not only do you have to learn but you also have to sustain oneself in a competitive environment and for that you have to develop an all-rounder personality. So generate your interest regarding extra activities provided by college like, annual function, sport function, students club, seminars and workshops, industrial training, social activities.

This factor does not play a very crucial role but if it is nearby any industrial or software hub then it may be slightly helpful to you as far as your industrial training and placement is concerned but keep this element at last.

It constitutes classroom, administrative building, workshop, computer labs, various laboratories etc. Because during your four years of graduation you demand all these things, so keep it your first preference while choosing a college.

You may think it’s tough to gather all this information. However, if you pay attention to just the colleges you are serious about, it’s not too hard. The college website should also come in handy. If the website has very little information, you should be alarmed because it implies either unresponsive or inaccessibility of information. But there are many websites on the Internet which host forums to discuss such problems. You can also search on the internet by placing keywords like Top B Tech Colleges in UP or Management Colleges in Noida and verify the result.

Most colleges would have an existence on social networking sites where you can connect people from those colleges. Exploring some time on research will make sure that you do not regret your decision four years later.