The first step to becoming a judge is a Bachelor of Law degree, an LLB degree. Currently this can be a 5 year degree  or a 3 year degree. Once a law student has completed the LLB, it is voluntary to obtain a master’s degree in law. To become a judge in Indian judicial services, you must appear in the Indian Judiciary Exam or the  PCS (J) state civil services bar exam. The PCSJ exam is an exam for  graduates of the Faculty of Law to become working members of lower judiciary.

For PCS (J), the age limit depends on the state in which you apply. It’s usually between 21 – 35. The first level is a subordinate judicial service for recent graduates selected by entrance Judiciary exam managed by the civil service committee of each state or the High Court. This entry guarantees regular promotion and a safe employment period.

The second level is a higher judicial service for practicing lawyers. Elected LLB candidates will be appointed as additional district judges. Examination Structure The legal examination is conducted in three stages: preliminary examination, main interview, and Viva Voce / interview. Preliminary Screening – Preliminary screening serves as the screening for the main screening. Contains objective questions. Grades obtained on this exam will not be considered in the final selection. The percentage of eligible grades varies from state to state. The minimum pre-screening score is 60% in the general category and 55% in the booking category. Network Test – Network test is a subjective test. It is essentially composed of 34 papers. The grades achieved in this exam will be counted in the final selection. Invite candidates for the interview, which is equivalent to three times the number of vacancies.

Viva-Voce / Personal  Interview – This is the final round of the selection process. Candidates are judged, among other things, based on  personality, general interests, and intellect. The syllabus for the Indian Judge Exam varies from state to state. It is divided into civil law, criminal law, and language dissertations. The weight of the Sprach papier is about 20-35 percent. The Mains exam consists of 6-7 papers, and about 70% of the questions are legal. Judicial services are a valuable option for anyone who wants to serve the people of our country.