Today’s world requires practical training. In addition to textbook knowledge, it is essential to know the latest trends, happenings in the industry when students are studying at the higher education level, in the field of vocational education. Most higher education institutions are also considering the importance of interfaces with industry and creating new campuses near industrial areas or housing industrial setup in the campus. Higher education performs several important functions in society, the most important of which is to produce well-informed individuals who will contribute to society. However, many Indian universities fail to achieve this goal. The industry’s demand for skilled and specialized workers is not being met, as most students lack the skills required by the industry. In recent years, a major concern among higher education planners and academics around the world has been the addition of an aspect that must be addressed concurrently with the creation of professional infrastructure and better is the need to increase the employability of graduates from HEIs. (Higher Education Institutions). This is important for sustainability as 80% of graduates do not have specialized skills. Despite a large number of unemployed, there is a severe shortage of skilled and productive professionals in all sectors of the Indian economy. This is partly because the Indian Academy has produced graduates who are not suited to the needs of the industry.

With the aim of creating a highly skilled workforce and value-added courses according to the needs of industries for the recruitment of new engineering graduates, IIMT has established an industrial base internal housing industrial setup in the campus that will answer all these questions.

A complete setup in the industry with the cooperation of our technology partners DYSMECH COMPETITION PVT SERVICES. CO., LTD. (DCS) as a system integrator. DASSAULT SYSTEMS, PARAMETRIC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION (PTC) and MASTERCAM INC.

This will enhance technical education to promote the development of industry-relevant skills that will act as a comprehensive catalyst for sustainable industrial development and job creation for technical graduates.

Housing Industry is a comprehensive, project-based program of study that will provide the opportunity to develop complex skills, such as high-level thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication. Since the whole world is moving towards smart technologies, as the Industrial Internet of Things and IoT will lead to make that happen, so
with smart manufacturing and IIoT programs designed only by industry laurels, students will have the opportunity to work with at least 3-4 real-time problem projects and will be awarded an industry certificate upon completion. As a result, graduates now have experience working on a number of real-time projects, assessing their quality and proficiency with respect to what industries are looking for, and are therefore ready to serve the world. From the very
beginning after obtaining a graduate degree.