The novel corona virus diseases caused by the exceedingly transmittable severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-COV-2) has started to show its toxic effects in our nation. Each day, numerous thousands deaths have been reported from different parts of the country. Foremost reasons are shortage of drugs and medicines, healthcare facilities, trained health care providers, hospital beds and most significant oxygen supply. Several drugs, vaccines and investigational new drugs are provided to safeguard their lives. Still date and time, numerous deaths have occurred due to shortage of drugs and medicines and oxygen supply. The oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, nebulizers are provided to the patients but not adequate in numbers.

Pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, vitaminoceutical, herbal and other health products industries have provided significant contributions to the people of our motherland at this point of time. Several life saving drugs have been formulated and supplied to hospitals, primary and secondary health centers and other healthcare facilities. Several formulations which lost their market potentials have shown high degree of demands in the present scenario.

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Many new formulations containing investigational new drugs applications are also supplied to reduce the co-morbidity and death rates. Several start-ups have been started in health products sector to manage the market demand of several medicines. It is established fact that along with medicines, nutraceutical also plays pivotal role in COVID-19 infections. Protein foods and supplements have attained highest demand in the market and several healthcare start-ups have focused on Pharma-nutraceutical products. Masks and hand sanitizers are the most wanted products during this pandemic. If I am not wrong, within very short period of time these items and their related start-ups will attain highest degree of market demands. Last but not least, vaccine manufactures in India have revolutionized the COVID-19 scenario in the country whether it is of two doses or single dose. In future more advancement our countrymen and women will witness in Indian Pharma horizons.