As Someone rightly quoted a Blog is to Share, to connect ,to create and to inspire.
“The more you give , the more you get.”

Opportunities come to those who believe in taking a step ahead and in the power of their dreams .With blogging tool in your hand , you need not chase the opportunities –you will be flooded with them if you know how to do it right.

As JON MORROW rightly quoted:- ‘Blogging is not about publishing as much as you can .It is about publishing as smart as you can.’

The Art of writing Effective Blogs:-
The content written should be specific and should interest the readers. Blogging is a perseverance of various thoughts that are coming to one’s mind, giving a new vision and an inspiration to the one who is reading the blog.

Blogs give us a real time learning experience of how being an engineering student we can stay motivated and learn and grow academically and personally in various spheres of life.

For an engineering graduate student , his life revolves around books, technical knowledge he learns in his institute in the classrooms , a connect with the teachers and friends , research work in which he is delved into and projects he needs to complete and not to forget assignments , quizzes and Sessionals and the University Exams.

Through Blogging either by writing or reading , an engineering student expands his thinking capabilities and the learning curve by reading more of the technical stuff and the knowledge imparted in various blogs .

Blogging is like you are making a personal project that will not only empower you and your audience but will also give wings to your imagination and in a way help you grow technically by reading and the art of writing.

Engineering is all about taking rational decisions and be well –equipped with the upcoming technology and to be abreast of everything. For engineering students it can act as an aid that horns their knowledge and skills in various areas.

Things are changing. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there for every topic imaginable. Stuff is getting more and more complex. NEW TERMINOLGY like webinars, landing pages, sales funnels, SEO, copywriting all
are a must to know in reference with Blogging.

Blogging is the most productive thing that can be done in today’s era. Teachers can connect to students through blogs. Students can search for a solution and acquire more knowledge on the topic wriiten in the blog. Blogging is used extensively by SEO’s, Business, Freelancers, Authors and internet marketeers.

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Blogging educates people about the unique solutions that can be delivered to masses. Information Sharing can be done with the help of facts and figures. It is hence an indispensable part of an engineering student ‘s life and one must make it a frequent habit of reading from blogs and attempt of writing one too.