College Hostel life is something may close to my heart. My personal advice is to experience the same at least over in life. Why am I saying this? Well, let us embark on a journey to understand the importance and advantage of hostel life.

(1) Builds Confidence: In a college hostel you are on your own. It is tough most of the times but helps you in learning life skills and builds confidence

(2) Makes you Responsible: Since you are alone, you and only you are responsible with no help from anyone. Thus your responsibility quotient goes up.

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(3) Improve Communication Skills: Hostel life forces you to communicate with a variety of people in different situation. This improves and polishes your overall communication skill.

(4) Financial Management: Managing your finances is a major part of hostel life. As you have to manage your expenses practical financial management is learnt in the process.

(5) Importance of family: When you don’t have something you know the value of it. So, when you are away from family you will realize the importance of family.

(6) Opportunities: You are allowed to go about exploring numerous fields that you have never set out before, in a new place among new people. You get to take up different doors that you can’t take being at home.

(7) Time management: Whether you excel at any other thing or not, managing time is a sure shot. From the gossip sessions and all other kinds of activities that you are required to do in a hostel, you learn to manage some time to study.

This is not an exhaustive list of benefits of hostel life. Individual experience may be different but this is my learning. Share your experience to enrich my experience.