Diploma in engineering was observed to be growing with a pace of time monotonically before Covid19 pandemic. In 2021, it is affected but it is temporary. Last 3 years, observed growth of polytechnic as follows, Up polytechnic admission 2019* entrance exam was held in 1370 polytechnic institutions across the state total of 1.85 lakh candidate have submitted their application for UP polytechnic 2019. UP polytechnic admission 2020* entrance exam total of 4 lakh candidate had submitted their application for UP polytechnic 2020. But a temporary hindrance to the growth of polytechnic due to a COVID 19 pandemic, which affected the world growth also, in this scenario UP polytechnic admission 2021* entrance exam has been held in 1370 polytechnic institutions across the state  have registered a total of 2.65 lakh candidate for UP polytechnic 2021.

Any Business growth depends on the demand and supply. But what we produce at our facility is of satisfactory quality with required productivity? First we could answer this question. Isn’t it? Education is upgraded with the problem of society. As such growth in polytechnic have seen due to required technical skill labor at entry level of industries and cost associated with Polytechnic candidate recruitment. Mostly Polytechnic course do, who cannot afford engineering degree and need early jobs by technical education, in this way anticipated demand in polytechnic, diploma in engineering also make growth in career.