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Since its inception, the group has grown leaps & bounds and achieved exemplary recognition from the Industry & Academia. At IIMT, we are committed to provide a value driven culture along with creating a professional environment. IIMT as a group, large and diversified, imparts knowledge in the field of Engineering, Management, Education, Law, Pharmacy, etc.

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Importance of Emerging Technologies

Placement of Data Science Engineers

Emerging technologies play a vital role in the modernization of industries. New technologies help in transforming enterprises into a digital world. This technology is mainly helpful in manufacturing, energy and mobility markets. Whenever the word technology comes, there is always something new and the hunt to develop and implement a new technology that could enhance businesses is obstinate. The curiosity to know and seek knowledge about the technology and how it will impact the daily lives of the human species.

Several years ago, people never heard about social, mobile, cloud, etc. and that the technologies will rule our lives. The accelerated growth of users’ needs and their expectations to interact in real-time scenarios on these applications has disrupted the business ecosystem. These technological headways play an influential role to face the challenges of the global world. These emerging technologies have the indeterminate power to strengthen lives, transform the global
economic scenarios and make this world a better place for the upcoming and future generations.

Technology is indeed one of the fastest-growing agents in the present world than ever before. The emerging technology has brought a significant transfer in information, technology and development sectors mainly.

List of Latest technologies:

1. Artificial Intelligence: AI is an emerging engineering branch and why it can provide you with a job easy and secure. Artificial Intelligence is the future of humans, industries as well as organizations. Artificial intelligence is working as an integral part of many industries. Artificial Intelligence shows a huge prospective to automate business, make intelligent decisions, understand the market need, and effectively utilize available resources. Before understanding the benefits of Artificial intelligence, we need to recognize relevant use cases, design an appropriate solution for analysis, implementing the desired resolution at the organization level, and applying output solutions to various operational activities in the organization. They help us automate each task, like automation of vehicles to e-
commerce stores. 

2. Big Data: As the amount of data is increasing at a rapid pace. So the big data comes into existence and plays a vital role. Big data is a simple and effective method. It is an excellent way to collect, organize and comprehend the data for the benefit of businesses. Big data technology involves building massive data architectures to manage and analyze
unstructured data and offer real-time value for the company.

3. Machine Learning: It is a part of AI that enables self-learning from data and then applies that learning without human intervention. Machine Learning is used in many real-life scenarios such as online fraud detection, traffic prediction, automatic language translation, Email spam filtering and many more.

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4. IoT: IoT is seen as the change agent for the deluxe and practical lifestyle for the consumers, offering precious customer interactions and outstanding experiences. IoT is one of the most exciting areas of focus today. The idea turns around the nano-sensors circulating in the human body or any specific object. Once connected with the technology, this will have a proliferating impact on the various sectors such as medicine, agriculture, architecture etc.