Best Pharmacy College in Delhi NCR

In the current pandemic situation, the need for healthcare professionals is at the paramount requirement for the welfare of the community. However, COVID-19 brings an uncertain era for most of us, but a certain fact is the opportunities created for Indian pharmacists in the health care sector.  Role of the pharmacist is limited to dispensing of drugs in the last few decades. However, past pandemic experiences indicate that the prospectives of pharmacy professionals grow exponentially in the aftermath of a pandemic if the general populace health is to be maintained.For that you need to have Best Pharmacy College to educate and make the professionals.

The knowledge of pharmacists would make them an expert in the current pandemic situation. Apart from raising awareness of the general public about the role of sanitisation in daily life, the pharmacist could serve as a strong asset to the community.

Pharmacy is an important healthcare course that is gaining the attention of the majority of students having an interest in science. With eligibility of both medical and non-medical students, Indian pharmacy is an emerging sector. In general, Indian pharmacist needs to complete either a 2-year diploma course in a pharmacy of 4-year bachelor course in pharmacy. After passing, he needs to get registered himself with the state Pharmacy council to earn a Registration certificate for 5 years by paying a fee. Pharmacy profession is a noble profession and a respectful profession in society. In the current pandemic situation, hospital pharmacist is working tirelessly to strengthen the healthcare sector. A registered pharmacist can open its medical shop, can open a medicine factory, can work as a govt analyst, a professor, a scientist, scientific writer etc. Interested students should consider the following points while taking admission to a pharmacy college:

1. PCI Approval: An approval certificate generally issued for a session by Pharmacy Council of India. PCI regulates this profession and inspect colleges for the required infrastructure, personnel etc.

2. AICTE approval: It is not mandatory but if it will be an added advantage if an institution has AICTE affiliation. AICTE provides funds for R&D related activities, academic activities that are required for the holistic development of institutions.

3. College Affiliation to a UGC approved University like AKTU, Lucknow

4. Placement opportunities: Generally, an MOU has been signed with the companies for timely placement of students (usually started in 3rd year).

5. Timely industrial visits: Industrial visits should be carried out every year to update the knowledge of students with the growing Industry demand. The visit also equips students to better understand the need and role of a pharmacy graduate in Pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, a 3-6 months certificate from industry is also required to get registered for PCI.

6. Exposure to conferences, expert lectures, workshops organised by other institutions for the holistic development of students.

7. Students can visit different institutes across the world as a delegate where they could present their research work or understand the way of presentation. Conferences help in personality development of the students along with a good chance to interact with leaders of the pharmacy field.

As per recent surveys and publications, it seems that the ban on Chinese goods and the pandemic situation would further increase the career opportunities for the graduates. Ban on Chinese products would transfer the API industry to India that would decrease the cost of pharmaceutical products and further generate more employment opportunities for pharmacy graduates.

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