Inter professional medicine education is the opportunity for students of two or more streams to work and learn social and health care needs of patients during their medical education with the aim of developing and providing better patient care.

The following are the advantages of learning and sharing collaboratively skills while pursuing inter-professional medicine education.

  1. Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy students develop the ability to share knowledge of their respective fields with other specializations-
  2. As the different medical Streams are closely associated with each other integrated learning helps in better patient care 
  3. Additional new skills and joint approach help in better understanding amongst Doctors and paramedics.
  4. Leads to better interdisciplinary communication;
  5. Also helps in team building because of better understanding of other fields
  6. Learners become more competent;

 According to WHO Inter professional Medical Education is defined as “multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds working together with patients, families, carers (caregivers), and communities to deliver the highest quality of care.”

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Now let us understand, why Integrated or Inter professional medical education is important.

Integrated concept of health care management is of very useful as it improves patient care as it can reduce ADR and mortality rate. More importantly collaborative approach can reduce preventable errors and omissions during treatment and can also reduce the cost of treatment.