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When factoring in all the details involved in choosing a college, many students don’t know where to begin. This can be difficult; Many students panic and over-analyze the fact that whatever college they choose, they will potentially spend the next three to four years of their lives.

For students, many things play a part in choosing whether they want to go to college, but not all of them are weighted equally. Here is a list of basic factors to consider when choosing a college:

1. Subject Choice

If you already know the topic of your choice, it’s easy. You can narrow down your list of potential colleges by just looking at colleges that offer your subject or related subject. Consider colleges that not only offer your subject but also excel in programs specific to your subject.

2. Location

You know where you live or want to live, or at least what places are tolerable! For some people this isn’t a big deal, but it’s worth thinking about nonetheless. Do you want to live closer or farther from home? Take into account the local weather, seasonal changes and availability of basic civic amenities in the area.

3. Public Vs. Private

Public colleges are funded by the state, so they are limited in the amount of money they can receive to provide financial aid to students. Private colleges, while generally smaller in population than public colleges, can sometimes offer more aid because of their private funding.

4. Size

On that note, also think about how the size of your college will affect your experience. A large college means lots of people to socialize and interact with, but you may have to compromise on the size of your class. If you want to build a closer relationship with your professors, you should go to a college with a high student-faculty ratio.

5. Housing

When I say accommodation, I mean everything from how many people live on campus to the choice of a particular hostel/hostel. Not all colleges offer hostel facilities for both boys and girls, so if this is important to you, make sure you ask or search the Internet on your campus tour.

6. Sports And On-Campus Activities

Even if you play just for fun, check out the sports programs of the colleges you are considering. Many students may not be interested in sports at all, but instead get involved in other activities on campus.