Over the last few years, the importance of an honest MBA degree has been on the increase. Those pursuing MBA degree course are opening newer opportunities for themselves and will access several very best paying jobs within the market, but many get confused with MBA vs PGDM debate. When it involves Indian Institutes and therefore the way they execute MBA programs, MBA vs PGDM becomes a crucial consideration.

Difference between MBA and PGDM

1. Institutes Offering the Course
The most notable difference between MBA and PGDM lies in the type of institute that offers it. MBA degrees are offered directly by colleges and universities (both Government and Private) that are recognized by the UGC and have a correct master’s program. At the top of the course, the schools offer their students a recognized degree after their course.

PGDM remains a diploma program that is offered mostly by B-schools or independent and autonomous colleges. Sometimes these colleges may additionally have affiliations to certain Universities. These are courses that provide a diploma degree at the end of their completion and as a result, they are recognized by India’s nodal body for technical education – All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

2. Course Content
Another difference between MBA and PGDM arises within the course content aspect of the two. While obtaining an MBA degree is merely possible through colleges affiliated to Universities, their course structure is usually mandated by such Universities. Although a helpful task within the case of other courses, it often becomes problematic when it involves an MBA course as external business changes like technology and management methodologies should reflect within the structure of the course.

When it involves PGDM, the very fact that its mostly autonomous colleges giving out the diplomas, it offers the institutes more flexibility to make the course structure as per the newest market trends.

3. Importance of the school
MBA vs PGDM also differs within the importance given to specific colleges. While an MBA degree is typically given out by specific universities recognized under the UGC, PGDM remains knowledgeable diploma course offered by colleges accredited to AICTE. Factors like the rank of school, placement records, faculty become more important within the case of PGDM. MBA vs PGDM debate requires students to pay close attention to the diary of schools claiming to supply a PGDM for its authenticity.

Why is an MBA Preferred over PGDM?
An MBA is a master’s degree approved by the UGC and follows its guidelines. With PGDM, students run into the likelihood of doing the course from a coffee ranked college with a nasty course structure that avails them no benefit. Not being closely regulated are often detrimental for college kids that do not complete their PGDM from top B schools.

An MBA degree also proves beneficial over a PGDM in cases of upper studies like going for a Ph.D. or double MBA. In such cases, preference is usually given to a candidate with an MBA degree. this is often mostly because one may be a degree course while the opposite a diploma.

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