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Every field is advancing and together with that engineering field is also advancing and these new trending technologies are helping everyone with proper safety and accuracy. Work becomes fast and smart in all fields. Engineering fields improves a lot in last few years in all branches like CS, IT, EC, CE, ME etc. Various trending
technologies are:-

Building information modelling (BIM) :- To increase collaboration between different works, this modelling help to increase efficiency and decrease delays and increases the safety.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones :- To do survey of remote areas drones are used to decrease time and safety of particular surveyor. Drones need few minutes for which months are required for working.

Artificial intelligence (AI) :- It is one of the smartest and trending technologies of today’s world and remove the human interaction in particular work and works on smartness of machine.

Machine learning (ML) :- This technology first of all find the problem and then find the solution of it according to requirement of problem.

Exoskeletons :- These are those trending technologies devices which are wearable and improves the safety of worker and also improves safety of person. These are used by construction worker for their safety

Advanced Materials :- These are those materials which are recycled material which are disposed of otherwise and used in construction field.

GPS :- These are used by many construction manager to get accuracy in work and get precision required for particular construction work.

Smart buildings :- These are advanced smart building which have good ventilation energy safety, smartness to switch off light when person is not at home, close the shutter, etc. future of this technology is very bright and it will ease life of human being in upcoming future by saving water, light, energy, etc.

Robotic process automation (RPA) :- It is advance technology which does not require any coding, instead it works on some command which are used automatically to get works as quickly as possible.

Intelligent apps :- These apps used historical and real time to get the forecast and suggestion. These apps uses trending technologies like AI, ML, robotics, etc. for its working.