MBA programme involves study in conventional areas such as marketing management, financial management, and human resource management.  In addition, good colleges also offer MBA programmes in operations management, information technology, international business management, data analytics, logistics management, and supply chain management. Even certain colleges also ensure imparting skills through expert lectures, online courses, advanced courses, additional courses, industry – academia interactions. 

An institute offering MBA programme should also preferably have  Research and development Cell. Ideally the R & D Cell should work in close liaison with  the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Government of India to give adequate exposure to the students.

 R & D and Innovation Cell of Institutions motivates its students to become entrepreneur and for this purpose it should have collaboration with the skill and entrepreneurial development agencies of  the Government of India.

MBA Colleges must have good Training and Placement Department,  to ensure placement of students. The challenge, these days is of ‘decent placements’. A good professional institute is therefore more concerned about the later, than the former. It needs synergy between placement teams and infrastructural support available to it.

It is therefore imperative to have an independent department that takes care of the training need of the students in the industries.. This includes the summer internship for MBA students

MBA Institutions therefore should have a very strong network of industry experts who should be invited for guest lectures, seminars, consultancy and R&D projects and also come to guide students and give industry perspective.

A good MBA institute must have a well stocked central library, in addition to the departmental library that should provide access to all faculties and the students for research activities and ensure availability of national and international journals, magazines and periodicals to it readers and researcher community in the campus.

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