With the rise of corporate culture and the push for entrepreneurship in India, more and more students are opting for management studies. In fact, Delhi & the NCR region has nearly 3,500 management institutes offering a wide variety of programs, all under the same academic group – the MBA and PGDM program in Delhi. However, Indian students are often faced with the choice of the two study programs, namely MBA and PGDM. Candidates are often unsure about the difference in title as well as content. This causes a lot of confusion as to which path to choose, and why. Here is your guide to understanding the differences between MBA and PGDM program in India.

Although, both courses basically train you for managerial and leadership positions, there are some technical differences. Perhaps the most striking of these are their respective official names. The full form of the MBA is the Master of Business Administration, is a postgraduate degree. While the complete PGDM format is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management. This PGDM program is a diploma program.

An MBA or Master of Business Administration is a Postgraduate Management degree offered by most management colleges and universities worldwide. Since an MBA is a master’s degree, only recognized institutions affiliated with reputed universities can offer a degree in Business Administration. The university follows a single curriculum designed for courses while offering bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees.

The Master in Business Administration is a leading degree that accelerates the career aspirations of students who wish to pursue a management career path. It also provides an opportunity for entry-level professionals to jump into senior positions with greater responsibility. The duration of the MBA course is usually 2 years. There are several reasons to do an MBA.

Most candidates pursue MBA programs with the sole aim of honing their skills and becoming entrepreneurs and business leaders. The best part about pursuing an MBA is that courses are not limited to fields. This is irrelevant if you have an engineering, trade, or arts degree. What is important is that you want a career in management and are interested in a specific functional area. However, there are still some key factors you MUST consider before choosing an MBA program. This step is very important because your entire career depends on it.