The National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India was established by the AICTE.  The purpose of AICTE is to assess the qualitative competence of the programs offered by Educational institutions. NBA became an independent autonomous body from 7th January, 2010. The objective of NBA is to assure the outcome-based education in technical disciplines, i.e., Engineering and Technology, Management, Pharmacy etc. NBA assessment is having performance verticals upon which the assessment is carried out which includes the overall performance of students, department and institutes. NBA Accredited College Greater Noida.

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There are fixed parameters to assess these stack holders. The performance of students can be assessed with the help of their results, placements, and their involvement in research and cocurricular activities. The performance of faculty members can be assessed with the help of their qualification, innovation, publications, project grants, patents, product developments and certifications. When it comes at department level the overall performance of department is considered for last three academic session. Starting from student admission, their ranks in qualifying examination, their percentage is considered. Then it comes to faculties associated with department.

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Their qualification and cadre ratio are very important, so department should have sufficient number of professors, associate professor and assistant professor. After that department infrastructure comes should be great in terms of well-equipped laboratory with enough number of classes, tutorial rooms, smart classes, IT tools, faculty cabins and library etc. Department should have industry supported laboratory, certification program and mechanism to conduct workshops, FDP and conferences etc. Now coming to the placement of engineering graduates which is the key feature of technical education. Placement summarize the overall perception about college.

Keeping these in mind NBA accredited college have proved themself trust worthy for quality assurance in all dimensions. There are very few colleges in AKTU in which NBA accredited has been done and IIMT college of Engineering, Greater Noida is one of them.  Recently the Computer Science & Engineering Department got Accreditation by NBA and other branches are also trying for the same. Therefore, we can state the IIMT is assuring outcome-based education and focusing upon overall development of students as well as faculty members.