When we discuss professional education, we discuss innovative teaching, the application of learned concepts, and innovations as well as bringing fresh perspectives to the table. We regard out of box thinking, and creativity as a crucial component of learning since it allows us to produce, create, or find new ideas, solutions, and possibilities. Through creativity, we not only welcome new ideas to be accomplished but also stay up with the innovative ideas that continually flow into our workspace from other minds.

As it is well quoted “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein

The idea of encouraging creativity in student’s community from school education to HEI (Higher Education Institutes) is not a new one in the educational world; it has been around for a while from the last decade. Additionally, as additional sophisticated technologies have emerged, innovation in education has multiplied its research dimensions. Science & Technology is no doubt the stimulation where practical exercises and experiments add the WOW factor. In order to develop an innovative research environment and develop most accurate and precise instruments, goods and services schools, colleges and universities should support young brilliant minds by encouraging new domain knowledge research with all kind of support even monetary support too. IIMT Group of College, Greater Noida is ones that emphasizes learning via creativity through its incubation center IIMT business Ladder as a separate legal entity. The primitive rote learning methods used in traditional education are no longer used. We must continually concentrate on innovative ways to modernize the educational system in schools to meet the needs and demands of the competitive times.

The Project displayed by the students in the Evolution 2022 Expo aids in bringing our students’ full potential to light of wisdom. The Project Expo’s primary goal is to showcase the students’ creativity with sculptures, three-dimensional models their prototypes to mainstream industries. The IIMT Group of Colleges, Greater Noida host this evolution expo with Ministries of Education and Technology support systems such as Institution’s innovation councils, Atal Innovation Mission and many others. The students of the participating institutes and schools around the Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Meerut & NCR learn the following things by showcasing their prototypes or project in Evolution 2022:

  • Enhance their spirit of innovation.
  • It converts abstract information into practical applications.
  • It broadens our understanding of evolving technologies.
  • Increases the desire to study.
  • Enhances problem-solving and team management abilities.

The main objective of establishing this exhibition was to give students a stage to showcase their creative ideas to angel investors, venture capitalists eminent individuals from corporate houses or industries, either as Industry Defined Problems or User Defined Problems, and to give them a chance to showcase their learning experiences via application of learned techniques.

The outcome of the Project Exhibition Cum Competition – 2022 is to show student’s innovative project at higher level and that process boosted their confidence.

B.tech in Computer Science