1. Improve patient outcomes
One of the numerous patient outcomes that pharmacists have a significant impact on is medication adherence and compliance. Half of all chronic disease patients do not take their meds as directed. By being accessible and creating relationships with patients, pharmacist play an essential role in achieving favourable health outcomes such as fewer hospitalizations, disease progression, and co-morbidities. Retrospective data is often used by research pharmacist to identify and assess specific patient populations that are not adhering to or complying with their medication.

2. Become a vital member of the community.
Pharmacists are an important component of every community and play an important role in helping patients feel better. According to recent Gallup polls, a substantial majority of Americans value pharmacists’ honesty and integrity.
Pharmacists are the most prominent leaders in most communities and are the most accessible health professionals. This is why the aim of the PCOM School of Pharmacy is to “teach and train caring, knowledgeable, and proactive generalist pharmacist who contribute to the health and well-being of the inhabitants of Georgia, the Southeast region, and society at large.” Our staff and students support this aim by attending health fairs and brown bag events across the country.

3. Pursue a variety of employment paths
Within the subject of pharmacy, there are a wide range of employment options. While the majority of pharmacists (45%) work in a community pharmacy owned by an independent or retail chain, many others have sought out or established new opportunities for themselves. Pharmacists work in a variety of healthcare settings, including managed care organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, the pharmaceutical business, colleges, and the federal government. Pharmacists are involved in direct patient care, research, and the legislative process, all of which help to advance our profession. In every part of the healthcare system, pharmacist play a crucial leadership role. Pursue a variety of employment paths.

4. Benefit from growth implicit
Numerous instigative developments are taking place in the drugstore profession, including specialty drugstore, discipline of pharmacogenomics and digital advancements like artificial intelligence. Specialty specifics, like biosimilars, are getting a big part of the pharmaceutical assiduity and specialty apothecaries are flourishing as demand increases. The same goes for increases in substantiated healthcare expansion using inheritable testing for genome sequencing and opting specifics grounded on the case’s DNA. likewise, drugstore seminaries are advancing their educational tools to meet the requirements of their current scholars. By using “e-Patient” simulation tools and artificial intelligence, seminaries are training the coming generation of drugstore professionals.

5. Have autonomy
Druggists have the advantage of professional autonomy in choosing their work terrain and work hours. druggists are suitable to review their places in the healthcare setting in order to give optimal case care. As healthcare practice becomes further interdisciplinary, the part of a druggist continues to change offering lesser openings in patient care. As an integral part of the health care platoon druggist support clinicians by icing patient drug safety and efficacity. There’s also the capability to start your own business and establish healthcare services for cases.

Unconventional work schedules are an advantage to a career in drugstore that creates a work- life balance. druggists are demanded far and wide in the country in numerous different types of capacities, making it easier to find a position that will fit your life. There are day shifts, night shifts, 7- on/ 7- off shifts and longer shifts (10 to 12 hours) which allows for further time off from work. Inflexibility in druggist work schedules and job description are getting popular to enhance demand and retention. In addition, there are decreasingly more openings for druggists to work ever from home furnishing 24 hour outpatient services for community hospitals and remote verification for correspondence- order apothecaries.

A benefit of getting a druggist is being suitable to help others, not only cases and other healthcare professionals. As a druggist, we’re suitable to tutor unborn druggists aiding in career paths and choosing drugstore as a career. No matter the setting of practice, all druggists promote enhancing the knowledge of unborn druggists and recent graduates through their knowledge and experience. A 2010 ACCP White Paper cited that mentoring of drugstore scholars and inferior staff in the plant are considered a price and motivator for druggists.