IIMT College of Engineering, Greater Noida.

Days of graduation and college degree are probably the most interesting days of anybody’s life . It’s the dream of many of us to graduate from a college or university who is close to our heart but , might be far from our home.

Decision of leaving our lovely home where we feel the safest in the world is the most difficult decision, but  to get carved we have to leave our home. Leaving  home makes us learn various vital lessons of life, we started learn those baby steps in days of early life.

There are certain important learning for  life some of them are:-

  • When we live in hostel  we are our mentor there , we have to guide ourselves when nobody is watching us that makes us learn that how can we became a good person without getting monitored.
  • We spend lots of our time with our own company and that’s makes us learn that how can we become a one man army because at last we are the only person with ourselves.
  • You started valuing your home food when you realize that how difficult it is to get the food prepared when you don’t have any mess facility.
  • When you live far from your nest you meet lots of new personalities , you love some them and some of them hates you, but at every incident  you learn a new thing which helps make your own opinion strong.
  • You are free to shop whatever you want and whenever you want and slowly gradually you find yourself a wise consumer, who think before buying and learn to manage their money.
  • When you got to know that you are on your own you are forced to do those things which you find yourself uncomfortable to do and can’t really do, such as. you make your own bad breakfast, you  wash your dirty cloths which anyways become dirty and lots of other things.

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When we become habitual  of living in such environment we become habitual of keeps on learning and makes us adult who are ready to fight any upcoming challenges .