The latest technologies have rapidly changed the world in all sectors of education as well as the economy and thus have a great impact on the global platform as well. Technology aids one to stay connected irrespective of the place and distance. Nowadays we are so much dependent on technologies that a day without them results into severe loss and impediment. It has been universally reported that more than 30 billion devices are connected to the internet in 2018.

Technology is a central part of learning in college classrooms too. Today’s students have grown up with all this technology, so colleges like junior college should change with the times and adapt to the way students learn the best. As technology is a foremost part of our everyday lives now, so of course it should be a key aspect to education in order to prepare students for the real world and their future careers where they will most likely be using mobile devices and laptops. Lectures in colleges can be customized to fit each student’s progress and learning methodology. Through the various learning tools and Latest Technologies, educators can generate opportunities for students to be able to work and excel at their own level and pace.

1. Artificial Intelligence: For students, AI will unavoidably impact their careers. Those interested in careers in Artificial Intelligence could pursue a wide range of exciting new career opportunities focused on data science, machine learning or advanced statistics. And, even students not focused on AI would take advantage of a sound education in artificial intelligence and familiarity with working with machines.

2. Virtual Reality: Virtual Reality is the latest way where students are showing their interest. The benefit of such implementation is that it enables the students to interact with each other as well as within a limited dimensional environment.

3. The (M-Learning): Learning that is taken through mobile phones is gaining popularity at a rapid scale. The trend is changing and nowadays people use phones for internet purposes than the computers. Mobile traffic has been increased and hence is also encouraged in educational sectors as there are many learning apps available for learning purposes.

4. Tablet and Laptops: Institutions and schools are changing their teaching trends or methodology by embracing modern tools such as laptops, tablets etc. rather than books. Tablet and Laptops have become a new educational paradigm in developed countries as a consequence of the fact that now, students, in general, have technology devices with which they can communicate and access information in real time.

5. Social Media at Institutions: Social media is transfiguring educational sectors as students are using social media platforms to connect with friends or peers for all social gatherings and keeping updated with information and technology.

6. Learning through Smart Board: Smartboard training facilities provide a way for students to learn in a most captivating way and excel in their career. They are a sophisticated alternative to the traditional overhead projector.  It enriches classrooms in various ways by providing hands-on collaboration and generating the perfect learning setting.

7. Cloud-Based Technology in Education: When students are not able to attend classes cloud-based classrooms can be ideal. These can indulge basic text lessons or can be as beneficial as to include video lessons or even live chat sessions with the teacher via instant messenger or video messaging programs like Skype.

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