Now, we are going to go on to post­ , and this is the stage, and at the beginning of the business part of the student, d & d, after the completion of the training program. Checkout SCOP OF BCA IN GOVERENMENT SECTOR Here.


A BCA graduate, will receive extensive opportunities in both the private and public sectors. Here’s a list of a few of them * The government ­ that is, the “D & O” level, and offers a lot of options in a variety of industries, such as banking, defense, etc., etc. Several studies have been carried out in the public sector, such as the UPSC CDSE, UPSC, SSC CGL, SSC, etc., etc. All of the graduates of the exams, only BCA degree holders can apply. *

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The public Sector ­ that is, with the exception of the public sector, the jobs listed above, there are a lot of options for BCA graduates in areas such as CHINA, the Steel Authority of India, the following figure). BCA graduates are not required to take the entrance exam (in most cases), to pursue a career in the public sector *


The private sector in India has been witness to the rise of the IT industry, perhaps no other country in the world has a lot of jobs for BCA graduates, in particular, in the last decade, or two. There are a lot of cutting­edge technology companies that have the best chance of finding jobs for BCA graduates, with a salary supplement. *

Freelancing is another option for BCA graduates, there are a lot of less well­known companies and start­ups who have qualified staff who are well­versed in the language and to help them to create their own web sites.

As a result, the budget deficit, and remote employees with a bachelor’s degree (or higher) must be programmed in the workplace. Within a certain period of time, a developer can create their own company and with experience. Sources Similarit .That’s it in SCOP OF BCA IN GOVERENMENT SECTOR. For any Further Query Just make a call to us . 9717015300

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